April 1, 2023

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Bolsonaro in America: Strange life and the “Yes Brazil USA” group that supports him | The far-right politician was hailed by hunters at the Nashville Safari Club

Legal status of Jair Bolsonaro In America this would be misleading. He applied for a six-month tourist visa at the end of January, but announced on February 11 that he would return to Brazil “in the coming weeks”. For now, it can’t. His wife Michelle said he needed more rest and had no set date for his return.

However, the former president never stopped playing politics His life in Orlando is a mosaic of somewhat strange images, surrounded by a believer that is as unconditional as it is reactionary.. More and more he gets on stage to say something. Or to say hello. Last Friday he was in Nashville, the capital of Tennessee. He accompanied his son Eduardo, a federal deputy, on the activity of Safari Club International (SCI). He was voted Legislator of the Year and awarded a lion statue in recognition of his support of the gun lobby.. The ex-soldier raised his hand towards the sky as if thanking God. Hunters and taxidermists there hailed him as a country music idol. It is logical: in the cradle of this popular genre, Bolsonaro looks like another cowboy.

Yes Brazil America

Followers of far-right politicians in southern states number in the thousands and especially Florida, where he lives. They are an outpost of Trump’s ephemeral views of the tropics, as they call him. Yes Brazil USA describes itself on its Facebook as “a right-wing group uniting Christians committed to a Brazil free of communist/socialist ideology.” And its baleful tentacles. With Bolsonaro as his neighbor, its members hold meetings with him, make pilgrimages to his home and accompany him to the Evangelical Church of All Nations in Boca Raton. There he plays local L Pastor Mark BoykinThe progenitor of blackout ideology saw the growth of his flock with the presence of the new guest, establishing a good friendship with the former president.

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At the temple, Bolsonaro announced his return to Brazil, only to be encouraged by his wife a few days later. The presenter did not hold back when he introduced it. He lectured with two fake messages according to the viewer’s imaginary investment. He called him “the newly elected president” and prayed very loudly — as pastors often do — that America and Brazil would one day “learn to count when there are elections.”

Boykin is a character inspired by the inventor of flucinha, which reduced the epidemic. Bolsonaro’s words, which he included in his pastoral service, sounded like music to his ears: “We began to re-respect the traditional family, respect for private property, love our neighbors,” the former president said. LA Movement in the Evangelical Church of All Nations It was organized by Yes Brazil America. The liturgy of the celebration recalls those days on January 8, when the Bolsonaro gang attacked three state powers. “Brazil belongs to the Lord Jesus! The Senate is our church! The Senate is the church of God’s people!” cried Planaldo’s invaders.

Pastor Boykin was a man steadfast in his zealous conservatism. He has been preaching in the Evangelical Pentecostal Church for over three decades. In 2011 he held two services on Same-Sex Marriage: The New Discipline. Because we believe that “two men living together and having carnal relations or two women living together and having carnal relations is a sin.”

In 2015, he had already defined his position in favor of entering temples with weapons. “It is my responsibility as senior pastor to provide some security to our people,” he declared. Six years later, in February 2021, he asserted: “A place of worship or a house of worship that has a preschool or school should not prohibit parishioners from coming and carrying weapons if they want to defend themselves.”

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Bolsonaro should be very proud of his mentor. In addition to encouraging Use of weapons in churches Y Attacking same-sex domestic marriage, In 2018, Donald Trump launched a campaign against the establishment of a nudist beach in Palm Beach. “We don’t want to be known as a nudist hangout,” he declared.

The warm welcome accorded the former president in Florida was not surprising. The state is ruled by an extreme conservatism: Ron DeSantis. The politician is shaping up to be Trump’s toughest opponent in the 2024 Republican primaries. On the other hand, if his friend Bolsonaro wants to return to power in a Democratic election, he will have to wait until 2026.

In the short and medium term, there are many legal issues to resolve. In the US, his immigration status is still undecided after he enters the country as president on December 30, 2022. According to Anna Escamani, a Democratic state legislator who represents an Orlando-area district: “He’s hiding behind a US tourist visa.” His statement was published in a Feb. 3 article in Time magazine that called Bolsonaro’s lifestyle “surreal.” The outlet’s quote added: “This is basically an individual trying to avoid criminal investigations by seeking asylum in the United States.”

He has several cases pending in Brazil One about his criminal leniency in the face of the pandemic and fake news for alleged election crimes, some of which could disqualify him from holding public office or jail him. Meanwhile, his host in the UFC and former mixed martial arts fighter Jose Aldo gave him credit, visited evangelical churches, appeared at events that guaranteed satisfied audiences, and diligently pursued his defense. Government job in his country.twitter account. He would only undertake a hunting safari like the one organized by SCI in honor of his son Eduardo. That night Bolsonaro certainly felt it was worth going to America.

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