May 30, 2023

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Bolivia: The government has demanded that former President Jeanne Ances be sentenced to 10 years in prison. In the context of the coup II case

The Bolivian prosecutor’s office has announced a 10-year prison sentence in an oral trial against Jeanine Anes. For declaring himself president in 2019 after the coup against then-President Evo Morales. Prosecutors say Anes has been accused of violating obligations to pass resolutions that are unconstitutional in Bolivia.

Coup II case

Attorney Loop Jabala, former senator and former chairman of the practice, Jeanine Annes, pleaded guilty to plotting the coup II case and the extension of the coup I case. Ez has been detained since March 2021.

“They have been charged in this case Ordinary offenses, offenses and resolutions against the Constitution and laws, Due to events in November 2019. The Ministry of Public Works has demanded The maximum sentence is 10 yearsJabala quoted the newspaper as saying The reason.

At the hearing, the prosecution said in detail In a non-quorum session the former caretaker President accepted the Senate’s order And within the power of the minority, contrary to what is determined by the terms of the debate. Ans did not even have the formal resignation of the then leader of the Senate. “There was no written resignation in the case of Adriana Salvador, which was formalized before the full session of the Senate,” they said in the complaint. In the case file, they point out ez later Announced himself president of Bolivia in a session of dissent.

The prosecution of Áñez was carried out through a formal process “one of the questions and interests echoed among the public (accusation) was not put into practice for concession and yes it was subject to a normal procedure. . Page seven.

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In this sense, Quispe explained it “Conspiracy I and coup II cases are related to the actions of Ms. Jeanine Annes before she declared herself President.”. Regarding the indictment, Quizpe summarizes the document as “all the facts” and demonstrates பொறுez’s responsibility. “More than 79 formally coded testimonies and nearly twenty witness statements”.

Proper complaint

The complaint was filed this week by the Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Justice in the wake of the lawsuit. Coup I, in which Annes was convicted of crimes such as treason, terrorism and conspiracy.

The former commander is also on the list of accused Armed Forces Williams Kaliman and Policeman Yuri Calderon, Both Those who have escaped from justice. According to the morning The reasonThe formal indictment includes Flavio Ars, a former commander and former commander-in-chief of the Navy; Carlos Orellana, former commander of the Armed Forces; Jorge Fernandez, former Inspector of the Armed Forces; Jorge Gonzalo Terceros, former commander of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB); George Pastor Mendetta, former commander of the Army; And Palmiro Jorge, former commander of the Navy.

With this charge It decides what is part of the initial phase of the investigation process and will already attend what the corresponding oral test event will be.Quispe explained.

On her Twitter account, Anes referred to the allegation and said the intention was to convict her “at any cost”. “They do not care about the independence of the judiciary, the right of the people to protest against the fraud committed by MAS, verified by the OAS; they do not care about inciting violence or destroying the country,” the former practice president accused. Considers “The victim of a dictatorial plan against BoliviaA”. The Santa Cruz newspaper quoted Alain de Canedo, a member of Áñez’s group of lawyers, as saying, “Whoever decides whether to accept power in a constitutional or unconstitutional way has not yet issued any resolution.” . Duty.

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