April 1, 2023

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Blue dollar and dollar today: This Monday, March 6, minute by minute | How much trade to buy and sell

Drop the blue dollar

After a few hours without changes, the blue dollar registers its first change in price: it drops by $1.

In the affiliate market, it is offered $373 to sell and $369 to buy.

The Buenos Aires real estate market registered an annual increase of 2.12%.

Real estate purchases and sales in the province of Buenos Aires reached 3,851 deeds in January of this year, according to the Buenos Aires Notaries Association, a figure representing a year-on-year increase of 2.12% from January 2022. It had recorded 3,771 activities.

Compared to the previous month, there was a decrease of 74.06% compared to the 14,844 activities recorded.

In this case, it is worth noting the influence of the seasonality of the market in said variation, the notary said in a statement.

In terms of the number of mortgages, January recorded 413 with a year-on-year decrease of 7.61% (447 in January 2022) and a decline of 66.23% compared to December (1,223).

The price of the dollar at noon

The dollar is steady until today, the first day of the week.

Blue trades on the parallel market $375 to sell and $371 to buy.

Banco Nación shows the blackboard official dollar A On sale for $205.50 Y $197.50 to purchase.

The Buenos Aires stock market is bullish at the start

The Buenos Aires stock market was initially bullish 0.44% Its flagship S&P Merval stood at 246,951.22 points.

Meanwhile, the traded volume in the stock exceeded $7.5 million.

What is the country’s risk?

Argentina’s country risk rose by 0.10% 2,084 basis pointsAccording to the index produced by JP Morgan.

The retail dollar opened at $197.50 and $205.50 on the Banco Nación blackboard on Friday at the same closing values.

From Macri’s blind port to containers under a magnifying glass

By Leandro Reno

In 2018, Mauricio Macri’s government stopped scanning containers from Paraguay to Europe, with the aim of speeding up the process at the port of Buenos Aires. This decision allowed national ports to remain free of restrictions Drug trafficking to European countries. But the current customs directorate’s decision to restore controls led to an automatic migration from Paraguay to the port of Montevideo, previously by water.

New data you have accessed Page I12 They reflect that in June 2022, when MACRISMO resumes scanning of suspended containers, it may have found another port of departure for the drug via Europe. In parallel with the scanning, the customs signed an agreement to send images of the scans that Paraguay has started with the donation of 6 scanners provided by Taiwan. This data is essential as it envisages the front control and joint work of both countries against the menace of drug trafficking.

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Together for Change seeks to defeat the credit transfer promoted by Massa

Assembly constituencies Together for change issued a scathing statement in which they questioned the credit transfer promoted by Economy Minister Sergio Massa. “It would pose a great risk to Argentina leading to even higher inflation”, warned opposition representatives and senators. “Say it without shame! They want Argentina to explode“, answered Sebastian Calmarini, director of the province of Bango, brother of the president of AySA Malena Calmarini and brother-in-law of Sergio Massa.

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Oil records losses in New York and London

A barrel of crude oil traded lower on international markets in New York and London.

Raw West Texas Intermediate (WTI)Action on the New York Futures Market (NYMEX) was trading down 1.59% this morning USD 78.41 A barrel in contracts with delivery in April.

Similarly, oil North Sea BrentLondon Electronic Market (ICE) did so, falling 1.60% and contracting a barrel. USD 84.46 May contracts, according to a report by Bloomberg Agency.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reported that its crude oil basket was closed on Friday USD 83.80 A barrel, compared to US$ 83.20 the previous day, represents a rise of 0.7%.

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region ended mostly higher

Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region closed mostly on a positive note today, according to data from Bloomberg agency.

Japan. Nikkei: +1.11%

China. Shanghai: -0.19%

China. Shenzhen: -0.08%

Hong Kong. Hong Kong: +0,17%

Korea. Gosby: +1.26%

Taiwan Taiex: +0.99%

Retail sales are stagnant

Sales of SME retail stores fell 0.9 percent in February compared to the same month last year, measured at constant prices, making it a 0.6 percent drop in the first two months of the year, according to a survey by the Argentine Federation. Medium Enterprises (CAME).

Among the seven commodities surveyed, pharmacy (+7.9 percent), food and beverages (+2.6) and perfumery (+1.7 percent) grew. On the other hand, textile and clothing (-11 percent), bazaar, decoration, home textiles and furniture (-3.4), hardware, electrical goods and construction materials (-1.1) and footwear and leather goods were withdrawn. (-0.8 percent) .

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Crude oil production increased

National oil production reached 626.6 million barrels per day (mbp/d) in January, equivalent to an increase of 0.7 percent compared to December 2022 and an increase of 9.9 percent year-on-year, driven by strong growth in Vaca Muerta. .

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