June 4, 2023

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Blue continues to rise and is the most expensive in the market

The exchange market has gone through days of tensions and pressures pushing prices higher. With sustained demand since mid-December, free exchange rates have been on the rise, while the magnifying glass has been in focus. dollar blue, It broke its nominal record this week and continues on that trend today.

After Up $10 yesterdayHey The dollar rose another $3 to $359 in the informal market In the caves and small trees of the city of Buenos Aires. About 0.8% increase in one day, It completes a Up from $19 (5.6%) so far this week.

This is formal The gap with the official dollar again exceeded 100%, In the event of increases associated with high demand in the market. According to analysts, the increase at the end of the year occurs as individuals seek to convert part of their savings (between year-end surpluses and Christmas bonuses) into dollars, or account for their spending in dollars before the holidays. At previous days’ values, the blue seemed cheaper than the Qatari dollar ($365).

How much is a dollar today?Pixabe

In addition, the tension between the city and the country due to the cooperative finance and compliance with the Supreme Court ruling and the central bank’s growing monetary problem (between the price of bonds and intervention in the market to maintain the soybean dollar effect 2) As reported by LA NACION yesterday, son More than $700,000 million, Between the purchase of bonds in pesos, the sale of SDRs by the Treasury and the sale linked to the disarmament of Leliqs and warehouses.

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In the government, meanwhile, they are closely following the rise of the blue dollar and are proposing that they will be “accommodated in January and February.” In the Ministry of Economy, they recognize the high demand for dollars among those with a savings surplus (Aguinaldo or vacations), the result of the automatic information agreement with the United States that allows Argentine savers to have accounts in that country and the foreign currency of tourists who now use cards to take advantage of the low concession differential exchange rate (‘dollar card’).

Meanwhile, the central bank is making bets A change in strategy and a break in the rate of devaluation of the official dollar. After ending November with a monthly rate of nearly 8%, the crawling peak was less than 6% for the month earlier this week.

Today, the official aggregate dollar is running at $176.39, with demand constrained by strengthened exchange rate controls administered by the BCRA. Meanwhile, the retail dollar hits $182.50, according to Banco Nacional’s screens.

From this price the savings dollar is derived, a 30% surcharge related to the PAIS tax and a 45% deduction on the revenue account, reaching $319, and the Qatari dollar adds another 25% on account of personal assets. and is trading at $365.

Meanwhile, the rise of blue is reflected in the remaining free quotes. The Meb dollar, a function that allows assets to be dollarized by buying and selling bonds and other financial instruments, was up nearly 3% on the day to trade at $345.25. The Dollar CCL (‘contado con Liquidación’), Individuals and companies used to acquire foreign currency and deposit them in foreign accounts rose 2.6% to $346.20.

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