April 1, 2023

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Billionaire’s Unusual Argument for Not Paying His Share in Divorce: “Let My Children Learn the Value of Money”

Michael FuchsThe well-known 62-year-old billionaire, He divorced his ex-wife a year ago He has been in the middle of negotiations ever since How much will he pay her to support the two children they have together?.

when She asks for 50 million dollars and he refuses to pay that amount. The reason confused many people because he wants his two children to grow up without luxuries so they learn what it means to earn their own money.

Principal, founder of real estate emporium RFR Holding LLC and current co-owner of the iconic building Chrysler of New York47-year-old former French journalist Alvina Gallardo-Fuchs does not want to sign a contract. She thinks she’s asking for excessive dollars out of “greed,” not out of necessity. Additionally, he believes that luxuries are “tiring” and people get used to them.

The agreement was negotiated before Judge Mostin in the Family Division of the High Court in London, where the couple lived, but they are yet to finalize it. So thought Patrick Chamberlain Casey, the businessman’s lawyer Instead of the payment she sought, the communicator was entitled to about $34 millionAccording to information from Glass.

Billionaire Michael Fuchs has accused his ex-wife of being motivated by “greed”.www.mirror.co.uk

Nicholas Cusworth Casey, Alvina’s legal representative, argued that his client was asking for 1.2 million a year for the needs of her children. Fuchs’ legal team said the figure should actually be $350,000..

The woman supported every dollar of the budget with activities for her children, for his education and for himself. Also, Cusworth considers KC as its flagship He deserves 50 million for putting his life aside Care and nurture children. His side argued that since he was not at home, he should stop working “independently” to devote himself to household chores.

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The legal expert argued that “the parties were able to live a multi-million dollar lifestyle during their marriage.” Alvina needs the right amount to maintain it And because it falls within the possibilities of his ex-partner.

Managed at least five fully staffed houses in trendy areas of the worldThey traveled a lot in the best hotels of the world and spent according to their means, which were unlimited”, said the lawyer.

These are some items from a former collaborator NBC, CBS, CNN Y Vogue France His list included:

The woman needed that amount for the expenses of her children
The woman needed that amount for the expenses of her childrenShutterstock

Among the properties that come in divorce, is A $24 million mortgage on a house in the United Kingdom Six floors and an underground swimming pool. In addition, there is an apartment in Miami and a villa in Antibes in the south of France.

The couple must negotiate with whom they will stay An art collection worth $27 million that includes three works by Picasso.