June 7, 2023

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Bielsa’s flag, the English goalkeeper’s gesture and South American brotherhood: the history of the match that turned La Plata into Uruguay

Penarol and National fans are united by Uruguay

Argentina and Uruguay were the same country on Father’s Day. On the new anniversary of the May Revolution, the fraternity embraced with the match valid for the second date of Group E of the U-20 World Cup. Celeste Against England. Rainy weather did not stop the public from thronging the entrance gates of the stadium Unique Diego Armando Maradona De la Plata recorded the fourth highest attendance ever with the tournament 27,231 visitors (Behind the two played by Argentina and from Italy-Brazil).

From the start, the stands were painted light blue and white (particularly light blue), as South American fans joined forces to support Marcelo Brolly’s side and defy the English, who were not expecting hostile weather. In the first match against Tunisia, England played on the same stage, but with fewer than 3,000 fans in the arena. That all changed this afternoon.

Those who arrived an hour later had to rush through the single entryway as the restrictions were heavy and the drizzle was heavy. In the background, the classic Argentinian cry, symbolizing the rivalry with the Europeans, began to be heard: “You see it, you see it, an Englishman who doesn’t jump”. Of course, Uruguayans who traveled from their country and residents of Argentina joined in the song. Fans of Penarol and Nacional united by their flag. Light blue and white prevailed with sunshine in all the arenas.

A few English substitutes who had walked behind a goal leaned against the railing next to the pitch, watching in disbelief at the barrage of insults thrown in their faces by the Argentine players. From that moment on, when the headlines poked their heads out of the tunnel, the British representatives understood that they would be playing more than ever before in the tournament. On May 25th they had to face their sister country Argentina!

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The conditions at the youth tournament pitted Argentina and Uruguay against each other, with Uruguay not only having the best of the game, but falling 3-2 to the European champions. Marcelo Bayelsa DD de la Mayor brought some pilsistas to the stadium.

A couple of Argentines were seen with a flag that spelled out the phrase Gracie “A man with new ideas is a madman until his ideas succeed.” The motto, copied from the North American writer Mark Twain, inspired the wave of football that the Rosario tactician showed at Newells from his beginnings until he reached the Argentine team. “The elimination in Korea-Japan killed us. It was one of the worst mornings ever.”One of them says, still carrying the pain on his shoulder from that sad memory.

Two pilsistas in Uruguay-England

The two fans donned the cloth for the first time on Jose Beckerman’s debut in the 2004 South American qualifiers en route to Germany between Argentina and Uruguay. Albiceleste. Bielsa resigned from the national team and they wanted to justify their work. After his time with the national team, he was bankrolled by Chile, Athletic Bilbao, Marseille, Lille and Leeds United.

“We support football, it seems to me that this is a small message. Good football, aesthetics, beauty, having the ball”The devotee continues Logo. Asked who he would back in the next Major League match between Argentina and Uruguay, he dribbled but didn’t throw it out: “One or the other, if they handle the ball well, the result will be good. Let it be a 3-3 draw with goals”.

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The Uruguayans were encouraged but England defender Bashir Humphreys broke the deadlock with a set piece. Although the South Americans circled the opponent’s area on several occasions, creating “uhhhh”s from the public, Alfie Devine increased the advantage in stoppage time and sent the teams to the locker room with a two-goal margin.

It was the British goalkeeper’s moment Matthew CoxWithstanding the continuous shouts of all the fans located in the famous one behind him and opened by a huge sale of the stalls (the other header opened with the game and the Brentford goalkeeper had to continue to endure insults in another language. 45 minutes).

Matthew Cox shouted the goal in the face of Argentina and Uruguay players behind the goal he had guarded in the first half.

Cox jumps and yells at Cole with fists. He took a run and made his throat red. He then retreated, facing Argentine and Uruguayan fans who made obscene gestures behind the fence that protected him. After trailing 2-0, He sarcastically greeted his contradictions, which irritated them even more. Amid the rarefied weather, some British footballers opted to head to the locker room after Mexican referee Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava blew the whistle and brought down the curtain on the opening stage in the 50th minute.

Franco Gonzalez’s early goal in stoppage time added suspense to the match as it was not only reviewed for advanced position by VAR but it opened the scoreboard. Armed with their weapons, Uruguay began to wear down their rival, while always maintaining a role of danger in their offense and threatening to break the case. He recently achieved his goal with a brilliant maneuver by Tarco Giabi, who left Randall Rodriguez with no chance and ran off to celebrate with his men.

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From one of the stalls, the South Americans came together to humiliate the English like an agonizing goal in a senior world final. There were many plastic bottle-throwing miscreants at the British delegation who could not have imagined being treated so badly during their only excursion in La Plata.

Beyond the foolish and reprehensible encroachments to be archived, This May 25, 2023 will be remembered in football as the day La Plata became a Uruguayan city.

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