March 28, 2023

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Biden said he did not dictate what was happening in South America, in the framework of negotiations with the IMF.

In another part of his speech, the US President referred to Latin America: “When I was a boy in college, ‘America’s backyard?’ This is not the backyard of America. Everything south of Mexico’s borders is the front of the United States. We are equal, in these countries, we do not command what is happening in South America, but we must work very hard. “But the problem is, we’re been very upset by the mistakes we’ve made over the last four years, and it’s been a while., He agreed.

Biden’s comments came after the Chancellor Santiago Kaffiro ends his trip to WashingtonHe rallied the US government’s “strong political support” for Argentina’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the $ 44 billion loan that the Mauricio Macri administration contracted with a multinational company in 2018.

The Argentine foreign minister, who has already returned to the country, unveiled an intensive work program during his three-day stay in the US capital, which will include high-level meetings aimed at gaining concrete signs of key political support. Weeks into national government talks with the IMF.

Thus, the head of Argentine diplomacy held meetings with the Secretary of State. Anthony Blink; Speaker of the House of Representatives, Leader of the Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi, And Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of that country, Bob MenandeWith.

The Chancellor’s official move included a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and the Kingdom of Spain. Jose Manuel Albarez, He thanked the Pedro S├ínchez government for its support for negotiations with the IMF.

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