May 30, 2023

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Between Pinochetism and the New Constitution | What was selected this Sunday in the second round in Chile

From Santiago

This Sunday, the Chilean people will have to elect their new president in a second round, each with a completely different government plan and country view, considered the most polarized – and uncertain – elections since the return of the 1988 referendum. Pinochet defeated the dictatorship in the election.

Gabriel Borick, a representative of the New Left on the one hand Emerged in 2011 after the Great Student Struggle And under the dignity of joint recognition with the Communist Party, which includes the expectations of the most horizontal Chile, guaranteeing access to health, housing and education, a larger budget for culture, a change in the pension model, the promotion of scientific and renewable energies on the part of the big tax fortune and extraction. That is, a year after a month of intense social upheaval in the country, a year later, the government will be in line with the ongoing constitutional process that helped seal the peace agreement in November 2019. Nearly eighty percent of the Chilean people voted to bury the 1980 constitution of dictatorship..

Jose Antonio Cast, on the other hand, encompasses another world in Chile with much traction: in theory, the conservatism and nostalgia for the discipline and order that once existed in the country. In fact, his first public appearance was in college. In the “yes” campaign, Pinochet wanted to be in power in the referendum And he left the UDI – Jaime Guzman’s party, the ideologue of the dictatorship and was assassinated in 1991 – for not being the right-wing founder of the Republican Party. Although he sought to distance himself from the image of the dictator, the candidate publicly acknowledged his sympathy for the dictator in the wake of his first election trip in 2017 to the evangelical world (his coalition is called the Christian Social Front). There he received nearly eight percent of the vote (“I will vote for myself if I am alive”). On the other hand, his plan is basically to reduce the state, reduce taxes on large corporations, dig trenches to prevent illegal immigration, and establish more security forces in Araucania.

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For this reason, it is not surprising that the ruling party’s constituency support for this last proposal, including Sebastian Pinera’s government officials, asked for a few weeks “without pay” to support Deputy Secretary of Health Paula Dasa Cost. Her Chile tour, in an unexpected twist, was opened to female leaders from promising to close the Women’s Ministry.

Borick, on the other hand, was rapidly gaining support for the once-famous Concertación de Partidos por la Democracia, which ruled the country for the first time since its return to democracy in 2010, when Binara won: from former presidents Ricardo Lagos and Michael Bachelet to the pro-Christian, pro-Christian party; For the most part, it was one of the most powerful voices – and criticisms of Pinara – of the great “hire” as the campaign manager for the head of the Iskia Chic Medical College – during the epidemics and whose combination of charisma and scientific harshness created it. Nominated by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Leaders of the Future with Bachelet’s speech.


Although in practice All polls make the war a success In the range of two to thirteen points (a poll maintained in various private polls, which cannot be disseminated by law fifteen days before the election), Cost won his first-round majority (27.91 percent) in the first round, defeating his rival on Sunday (25.82). But Pinora’s favorite, former minister Sebastian Chichel, the new social contract alliance’s Yasna Provoste (the last incarnation of the Consortian, including DC, PPD, PS and PR among others) and Marco Enriquez-Ominami in his fourth presidential adventure.

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Surprisingly, economist Franco Parisi came in third with 12.81 percent of the vote (900,000) and did not set foot in Chile because he did not pay family pensions. Parisi, who belongs to the wave of libertarianism that hates traditional politicians, allowed himself to be loved enough to invite both candidates to his internet project “Bad Boys”. Cost attended and was unexpectedly treated with white gloves. One who activated the alarms on the Borik group who initially agreed to attend. A couple of days after the first round ended, Costin’s strange trip to the United States raised suspicions. One step The television report La Red went to meet Paris, Although he had officially promised to meet with Republican Marco Rubio, but joined with the owners of the AFPs (pension fund executives) who control the money that Chileans have to pay for their pensions. Without sharing the profits. Borick finally refused to gesture to the women who voted for him. Parisi devoted his entire program to “destroying” his economic plan.

But the real protagonist of this second round is false news. According to Gonzalo Winter of Congress, a member of the Gabriel Borick Command, this is the first time in Chile’s history that a candidate has used them “professionally”. In the style of Bolsanaro or Donald Trump, the Cast Command used photo galleries Boric in the midst of the riots, in fact he had come out to help in the flood. Or in the middle of a televised debate, the victim was treated as an “abuser” when he spoke of his “abusive attitude” in his early years as a student leader. Or drug use was indicated, which Boric showed in a test, he did not take any medication, which was not enough for Cast, who called him for a hair test. “Republican lies are the heroes of the presidential election, and every time they sympathetically say something untrue, we have a responsibility to report it.“Winter said in a radio interview.

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Last jewelry: Sebastian Izquierdo, a confused young man but head of the Chilean version of the alternative right wing, directed a video there He openly called table proxies “cheating” to win the cast, Although confusingly pointing out the way to do it. El Surveillance, Chile Electoral Service Already announced a complaint.

The future of Chile

Within hours of the announcement of Lucia Hiriard de Pinochet’s death at the end of last Thursday’s campaign, many Chileans who remember her in public and in the media were more dictatorial and aggressive than her husband. Borick noted that Costin’s campaign was “sought” in the “yes” that Pinochet tried to get Chile’s votes. And this is also true: with long testimonies of individuals who feel they have been robbed or displaced, the Communist Party in Chile, which was democratic in its second term, is capable of ruling alongside Bachelet. Shows better.

Although some analysts say Cost is not a phoenician, he is not a “fascist” but a conservative Catholic man, and his candidacy resulted in a renaissance of Chile’s dark past, even though he was always trying to talk about the future. .

At the age of 35, Borik, controlling both his appearance and speech, tried to convince adults that he now showed transparency with shaved pages and shirts of hardcore punk pants (like any young man of his generation). He has said in discussions that he admits mistakes, listens to his strengths, builds alliances and takes care of each other again. “We, the generation that learns from the past, are uniting to defeat the dictatorship. We are uniting to democratize Chile, we are uniting to create a new constitution, and now we are going to unite to defeat the heirs of this government and Pinochetism.