May 30, 2023

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Bachelet | The Chilean Foreign Ministry has said there was nothing wrong with the former president expressing his electoral desire.

Contrary to the words of President Sebastian Pinera, The Chilean Foreign Ministry warned that there were no “deficiencies” UN Human Rights Council Michelle Bachelet, spoke in support Gabriel Borick. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andres AlmondHe argued that “as in any Chilean country,” the former president could express his “electoral will in the face of such an important election.” Pinera promised his part that Bachelet was committed to “complying with the ethics and rules” of international organizations. Unlike the first three opinion polls in the country showing that war is preferred, Last survey conducted by Consultancy Black and white Talk about a technical draw With the extreme right-wing caste, who will define Sunday’s elections, even if he does not think about the undecided voters.

“We have no concern that he made an open election choice, which was somehow revealed.”, Said of Almond Bachelet’s claims. The Chilean foreign minister reinforced the notion that the company saw no problem in the former president’s words, refusing to take action despite the ruling party’s demands.

The former president of Chile announced on Tuesday that he would vote in favor of war“Our country must elect a president who will ensure greater freedom, equality, respected human rights, a stable environment and, of course, the possibility of a new constitution on the path to progress for all.”

The situation created discomfort in the field of the pro-Cast ruling party, and Pinarawe said so. “Former President Bachelet has the right to express his opinion as a Chilean citizen, but he also has an obligation to comply with the rules and regulations established for UN international authorities.”The outgoing Chilean president has toughened penalties for fire attacks on vehicles after announcing what is known as the “Juan Barrios Act”.

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