May 30, 2023

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At least eight people have been injured in an attack by terrorists meters from the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Terrorist attack in Jerusalem

Israel explores how Terrorist attack shoots at a bus in Jerusalem’s Old City, meters from Wailing Wall

At least eight people were injured, two of them critically. Officials said the terror attack was carried out in Jerusalem’s Old City early Sunday morning.

According to Megan David Atom Ambulance Service, Shots were fired at a bus on a road near the Western Wall and in a car park near King David’s Tomb.

MDA said its doctors Two people were treated for serious injuries and five others for mild to moderate injuries.

According to MDA, the victims were taken to hospitals in Jerusalem.

One of the seriously injured A 35-year-old pregnant woman with abdominal injuries forced an emergency delivery At Shere Zetec Hospital. His life is in danger, while the child’s condition is critical but stable, according to Israeli media.

Police explained that the attacker waited for the bus to arrive and opened fire as the passengers boarded., “A large number of police forces have reached the spot and started securing the area, investigating the case and searching for the absconding suspect,” the police said.

After intensive search in the area, they became suspicious After the surrender the attack was arrested and the gun intervenedA police spokesperson confirmed

Bus driver Daniel Kaniewski said the attack took place near King David’s tomb. “It came from the wall. The bus was full of passengers. I stood at the station and that’s when the shooting started. I see two people outside, two people bleeding inside. Everyone panicked,” he told reporters at the scene.

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The man said he wanted to walk because passengers were helping a woman in a wheelchair to get down and stop him from closing the door.

“I heard three shots, jumped inside the bus and crouched with everyone. I immediately understood that it was a terrorist attackThen a terrible noise was heard. Everyone called the police. I saw two old men on the ground and two young men with shoulder injuries,” said Avraham Deutsch, who was at the scene.

Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that rules the Gaza Strip, hailed the attack as “heroic”, saying: “It is a natural response to the daily crimes of aggression against our people, our country and key Muslim sites and Christians”.

The attack comes amid threats by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist movement to attack Israel if the hunger-striking prisoner Khalil Awadeh is not released, a week after the launch of Operation Dawn.

After three days of intense fighting, more than 1,000 rockets were fired at Israeli cities, while Israeli Defense Forces launched airstrikes against Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets.

(with information from EFE)

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