March 28, 2023

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Argentina rejects OAS in defense of Nicaragua dictatorship against terrorist Reza, who attacked AMIA.

Santiago Cafiro and Alberto Fernandez

On Wednesday night, the government took another step in the direction of questioning Nicaragua’s stance against the Iranian terrorist accused of bombing the AMIA. Mohsen Rasai.

Activities until a few hours ago Previously taken by the Ministry of External Affairs was considered sufficient and the Government is not planning to make an official disclosure in this regard. However, there was a change late Wednesday regarding Nicaragua’s position, which was revealed by the ambassador several hours ago. Daniel Ortega On top of that Organization of American States (OAS), the defendant in the Argentine judiciary for the attack is welcomed in his country in defiance of international criticism.

Last night, the administration of Alberto Fernandez, from the same area, outlined its position on the matter. “Permanent Mission of the Republic of Argentina to the Organization of American Nations Nicaraguan Permanent Representative vehemently rejects statements by Ambassador Arturo McFieldsThe government announced this in a statement posted on Argentina’s official Twitter account on OAS. The news came during Kafiro’s return trip.

The report released last night further stated that Mohsen Reza’s visit to Managua is again condemned for “insulting the justice of Argentina and the victims of the brutal July 18, 1994 attack on Buenos Aires”.

“Continuing, The Argentine government rejects the irresponsible approach Ambassador McFields and INTERPOL urges Nicaraguan authorities to ensure compliance with red notices, They are part of the aforementioned terrorist act, ”he concluded.

Nicaragua's position rejected is reported by Twitter
Nicaragua’s position rejected is reported by Twitter

A series of statements were issued after the Nicaraguan delegation to the OAS, Arthur McFields, The Iranian official supported the recent visit to his country Resoy. He made the revelation yesterday in the presence of the diplomat International demands Presence of Iranians during the discussion on Interpol’s demands for the case.

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The Ortega government spokesman said: “Nicaragua, as a sovereign nation, as an independent nation, as a decent people, can invite anyone to his country for the inauguration of President Daniel Ortega (…) If that person comes with a good attitude, they should always keep the doors open,” he said.

Initially, under the government of Alberto Fernandez, they promised Infobe There is no need to issue reports or take any other action in this regard. They felt that the action taken last week was adequate, albeit belatedly, due to the controversy that arose Terrorist Managua visits Ortega’s opening ceremony. But progress was finally made through a new diplomatic move from the same sphere OAS.

Maduro, Mohsen Rezai, Daniel Ortega and Dias Colonel
Maduro, Mohsen Rezai, Daniel Ortega and Dias Colonel

The event with Razai in Managua has set the pace for the Frente de Todos administration’s international policy over the past ten days. Especially Ambassador Daniel to Nicaragua Participated in the ceremony with Captain Rasa. As the Interpol protocol states, instead of abandoning himself, or rejecting him, he was silent, warning of his presence. Later, in Gaza Rosada it was promised “lack of information”. In other words, the previous intelligence had failed. They promised immediate action yesterday. “The Argentine government reported the Nicaraguan government after learning of the presence of Iranians in Managua.” They said in Gaza Rosada yesterday.

Based on the harsh criticism and opposition to change that arose from that chapter in Argentina and the international Jewish community, The government issued a statement saying it “condemned” Razai’s participation in Ortega’s inauguration.

He then went one step further, depending on his position in the Nicaraguan government – for example, in the face of questionable elections that violated the civil and political rights that gave Ordega re-election last November -. Yesterday morning, along with the US Representative for OAS in Argentina At the OAS Permanent Council session, a joint note called for the re-enactment of the Interpol Red Alert, which allows for the arrest of fugitives from justice. Subsequently, the international body recognized the sentence against Reza.

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“The government has issued a joint statement between Argentina and the United States and other countries condemning Rosa’s visit to Nicaragua and our hemisphere, and urging him to support Argentina’s efforts to bring justice to the AMIA attack; And seek the cooperation of all members of Interpol. “

Santiago Cafiero, with Anthony Blingen yesterday
Santiago Cafiero, with Anthony Blingen yesterday

The last Diplomatic twist Until Wednesday night after the Chancellor’s meeting Santiago cafiero With US Secretary of State Anthony Blink, And after that Joseph Biden’s government, in an information report on the meeting, “Iran expresses its deep concern over the recent visit of Vice President Mohsen Rezai to Nicaragua, who was issued an Interpol Red Notice for the gruesome murder and damage caused by the 1994 AMIA bombing that killed 85 people in Buenos Aires.”

The report states that the two officers addressed “Cooperation in efforts to bring to justice those suspected of being complicit in the attack.”

In addition, it was written by Brian Nichols, Assistant Secretary of the Foreign Office’s Bureau for Western Hemisphere Affairs, which deals with issues related to Latin America. A harsh critique of the same style on their social networks, remember it With Ortega-Murillo “Iranians involved in the attack on AMIA in Argentina.”

“The hemisphere cannot look the other way when Ortega-Murillo undermines regional democracy and security,” he said. About Resoy Interpol’s red alert weighs in: He was one of the men accused in the July 18, 1994, bombing of the AMIA, while serving as commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

After the US position, Argentina continued to take repressive measures, which was deemed sufficient. Until the last minute yesterday, the Nicaraguan government’s Rezai’s claim was not expected to cause new action, as the government had promised in the past few hours. But when this version closed, in a new last-minute change, the national administration expressed its rejection of the OAS.

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