May 30, 2023

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Argentina has asked Pedro Castillo to be protected and says it “respects the will of the people”.

This Monday they asked to protect the life of the former president, in a regional derivative of violent change in Peru, Argentina and three allied governments (Mexico, Bolivia and Colombia). Pedro CastilloRejected by the Peruvian parliament, he dissolved a few hours ago, and “respect the will of the people.”

The governments of those four countries expressed their “deep concern over recent events leading to the removal and detention of José Pedro Castillo.” Still considered the president of Peru And they are seen as “victims of anti-democratic persecution,” the EFE news agency reported.

In a joint statement, the four countries vowed to prosecute Castillo, who attempted a failed coup. It asked that “the same violation be subject to judicial treatment” and that “the will of the citizen” be respected Expressed in a referendum by the Peruvian people. The government has denied the four countries’ demands to reinstate Castillo, who attempted a self-imposed coup by dissolving Congress.

“Our governments call on all actors involved in the previous process Prioritize the will of the citizens It was pronounced in a referendum,” affirmed the signatories.

“Once again, Fernández-Kirchner diplomacy is at the service of those who break or seek to break institutions in our region,” criticized the former ambassador to Israel and Costa Rica. Mariano CassinoFor whom Argentina and the other signatories “try to restore Castillo to his position, or at least they defend a coup d’état.”

Government circles headed by and Ministry of External Affairs Santiago cafiero “Argentina was one of the first countries to express its concern over the deepening political crisis in the Republic of Peru last week,” they highlighted. However, the government refrained from criticizing Castillo for his decision to dissolve the Peruvian parliament, an act which saw him deposed and arrested by Peruvian police forces two hours later.

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“Since the beginning of the crisis, the Argentine Republic has demanded respect for constitutional order and democratic institutions, based on the norms and procedures established for these events in the Peruvian Constitution (….) Last Wednesday before the events, Argentina criticized itself Political and media harassment “Pedro Castillo was subjected to it from the beginning of his term, and it ended with his removal from the presidency of Peru,” Argentine diplomatic sources commented.

The government stressed that “Argentina supports the continuation of the democratic order, calling for social peace and coexistence among all actors,” although the vice president In Boluarte He was sworn in five days ago as the head of the new Executive Council, which has not been able to stabilize the social and political situation of the country till now.

President Alberto Fernández has sought to maintain closer ties with what he sees as a new ally in the region since the start of Castillo’s administration, a year and a half ago. The government quickly sided with Castillo on a contested ballot Keiko Fujimori, and celebrated his victory before the election process was over. “Today I communicated with the President-elect of Peru, Pedro Castillo. I expressed my desire that we join forces in support of Latin America. We are deep brotherly nations. I am happy that the dear people of Peru are facing the future with democracy and institutional determination,” the President tweeted on June 10.

As the months went by, the relationship grew. Indeed, upon learning of Castillo’s coup attempt, many Kirchner leaders tried to distance themselves and expressed their “disappointment” with the rural teacher-turned-president. The statement came out last week calling on the parties to seek a solution rather than condemning Castillo directly. Now, in a surprising twist by his partners, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico), Gustavo Pedro (Columbia) and Lewis Ars (Bolivia), the president appears to support a call for the return of interim members of the Patria Grande to power in Peru.

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