April 1, 2023

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Another tweet revealing connections between Christina Kirchner and judges, lawyers and magrismo | An obituary that captures the relationship between Pepin Rodríguez Simone and Diego Luciani

Christina Kirchner was recaptured A judicial underworld where magristas, lawyers and judges are intertwined. He did just that in an exhibition on social media last Tuesday. In it, he demonstrated how prosecutor Luciani failed to mention hundreds of messages former Public Works Secretary Jose Lopez had with Nicolas Caputo, a confidant of Mauricio Macri.. But even today, when publishing an obituary in the Diario La Nación of May 2021: where the Macrista operator Fabián Pepín Rodríguez Simon sends his condolences on the death of Manuel de Abrilira, the brother-in-law of Diego Luciani.

In her public statement in her Senate office, Christina Kirchner specifically mentioned the actions taken by the operator and member. MAGRISTA JUDICIAL TABLE, Pepin Rodriguez Simon, a fugitive from justice by moving to Uruguay. In some of them, he referred to him as “the architect”. Appointment by order of two Judges of the Supreme Court of the Nation—Horacio Rosati and Carlos Rosencrantz—and, in parallel, the harassment of Alejandra Giles Garbo, former prosecutor of the Nation “with threats against her daughters,” the Vice President pointed out.

Senate President Rodríguez Simon recalled that Barlasur was a fugitive in Uruguay as vice president. “He’s the only one who used Barlaser’s privileges, he’s not a Peronist, he belongs to you,” Cristina reminded the opposition and showed a campaign photo of the judicial operator alongside Together for Change founder Elisa Gario. “Machrismo has come to end concessions,” said opposition deputy Mariana Zuvic with a sign.

This Wednesday, Cristina joins Rodríguez Simon with his tweet, Diego Luciani, the lawyer who is carrying the charges against the Vice President for Public Works. The vice president showed a heartfelt message published in “Bepin” magazine The Nation newspaper To bid farewell to Louisiana’s brother-in-law, he refers to “Dear Manu” and adds: “They come with love, Ana and the boys.”

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Not only does Luciani Macrista maintain a close relationship with the judicial operator, but as Pagina I12 revealed, The lawyer was playing a football match with the judge presiding over the court It was deciding the case against Vice President Rodrigo Giménez Uripuru at former President Mauricio Macri’s Los Abrejos villa.

“Everything fits everything,” Christina tweeted.