June 7, 2023

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Angel De Brito Announces Who Ex-Big Brother Coty Romero Will Be Paired Up With On Dancing 2023

Coty Romero Dance Angel Di Brito.jpg

And who will come along Crore So? In a second Instagram story, the journalist marveled: “Is there a spice couple coming to the dance?”

A photo with a question Angel That professional dancer Maxi Diorio, who has already been to several editions of Philando. What remains to be seen now is whether the former reality contestant will agree to dance without her ‘Cone’. She had repeatedly said on several occasions that she only wanted to pair up with her boyfriend.

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Kenneth Palacios’ demands to go to Philando 2023: “If they want to give it to me…”

Little by little the Dance 2023 takes shape. Marcelo Dinelli America is working against the clock with its production to debut the popular format on TV’s screens.

In LamSpoke with Angel de Brito Kennys Palacios He is negotiating his contract to join the list of figures of the new version of the competition.

Wanda Nara’s stylist revealed what demands she made to close the pageant. “I want my own dressing room, choose my coach and dancer, it’s medium height so I can lift it. Also, I like to bring my hair and makeup staff. If they want to give it to me, they can.”He described.

Angel wanted to know what rhythms he was ready for. “I think reggaeton, salsa, the basics. I don’t think I’m a dancer, but I mean dancing in nightclubs.”He noted.

Ultimately, Kennis noted that the MasterChef host is moving forward with the cache issue. “Wanda talks to Marcelo. She’s the one who fixes the financial problem.”the mountain