June 4, 2023

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An Italian nurse simulated immunizations to get a health pass

Arrested by Italian police Nurse At least 45 people were accused of pretending to have been given the corona virus vaccine, so they could fraudulently obtain a health passport, dispose of the vaccine in a container and undoubtedly put sticky sanitary pads on their “patients”.

Police in the city of Angona on the east coast Italy, Four more associates were placed under house arrest, accusing them of finding anti-vaccine customers who would be willing to pay for a health passport instead of getting one.

According to a police report, 45 people are being investigated for allegedly receiving passes as part of a scam, which requires them to report daily and be barred from leaving their cities.

Police filmed a nurse working at a large vaccination center in Angona, where he poured the contents of a syringe into a medical waste container and band-aided it before pretending to inject it into a patient’s hand.

The suspects have been charged with corruption, forgery of information and fraud, although the fake vaccination program was a waste of “basic public resources,” police said.

In Italy, measures against non-vaccinated individuals are increasingly severe, and those who have been vaccinated or have recently recovered from Covid-19 should have access to services such as recreational activities and public transportation. Italy, which recorded Europe’s first outbreak in February 2020, vaccinated 86% of the population over the age of 12 and raised 60% of eligible individuals.

Police have launched several investigations into false health passes, and one case that has attracted attention is the case of a dentist who was vaccinated with the wrong silicone hand. After his actions led to a criminal investigation against him, the dentist finally announced that he had been vaccinated and only opposed the vaccination requirements imposed on health workers by the government.

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