June 7, 2023

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An American lawyer has been found guilty of murdering his wife and son

Washington. Alex Murdock, a lawyer for a wealthy family in southern America, is convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Killing his wife and son, the case had the country on edge for weeks.

“The evidence of guilt is enormous,” Judge Clifton Newman said after the jury returned a unanimous verdict.

Alex Murdock is removed from the Colleton County Courthouse by sheriff’s deputies after being found guilty of killing his wife and son in Walterboro, S.C., Thursday, March 2, 2023. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Standing in the room, Murdock, Heir to a family of three generations of local lawyers and judges, He blinked incessantly, but he remained unmoved.

Less than three hours of discussion was enough Jurors found him guilty of the June 7, 2021 shooting deaths of his wife Maggie Murdock, 52, and son Paul, 22. Near the kennel on his sprawling South Carolina estate named Moselle.

He is accused of stealing large sums of money from his law office, friends and the son of his housekeeper, and executing their relatives to avoid detection.

Attorney Alex Murdock faces multiple chargesLaw and Crime Network/YouTube

The case caught the attention of the United States Documentary “The Murdock Murders: A Southern Scandal”, Last week was one of the most watched on Netflix, with 40 million views.

“He fooled everyone”, but don’t be “fooled” by this “master scammer”. It was released Wednesday by prosecutor Creighton Waters.

“Why would he kill the two people he loves most in the world?” His attorney, Jim Griffin, responded Thursday, denouncing a “ridiculous theory” and asking for his release, citing a lack of material evidence.

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Jurors visited the farm on Thursday to better understand the layout of the site. It was the first time in a month and a half that the television cameras were unable to capture the film.

Throughout the experiment, channels of information were transmitted Live the parade of disillusioned colleagues and friends at how 54-year-old Alex Murdoch stole millions of dollars from them.

Murdoch admits to the scams, which he says stemmed from bad investments and an addiction to opiates.And he will be tried after the double murder.

The shadow over Alex began in 2019 after a young woman died in a boating accident where her son was drunk. The judiciary was curious about the father’s financial status.

Alex Murdock (center) listens to closing arguments from prosecutor Creighton Waters during a double homicide trial in Colleton County Court, Wednesday, March 1, in Walterboro, South Carolina. (AP, Poole via Joshua Boucher/The State)

“All the illusions of his life were being destroyed and he couldn’t bear it.” The lawyer said.

According to him, Murdock killed his relatives to buy time before attempting suicide. In early September, he asked an accomplice to kill his son so he could collect $10 million in life insurance. But the bullet barely hit him.

According to the prosecutor, Alex Murdock used his professional experience to tamper with the crime scene, change his clothes and erase the conversation history, the prosecutor said. Further “made an alibi” By visiting his elderly mother after the crime and making calls, Waters said.

“But there was one thing he couldn’t control.”The lawyer said. A video recorded by his son minutes before his death in which his father’s voice can be heard, though he denies ever being near the kennel.

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Last week the defendant admitted lying but said it was due to paranoia caused by drug addiction. However, he denied the double murder.

Faced with the truth, the lawyer replied, “Go back, change and invent a new story.”

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