April 1, 2023

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An airline lost its 4 dogs and the owner’s reaction went viral

In Tik Tok A story of a traveler who experienced moments of maximum agony and despair Istanbul AirportWhen the airline informed him that He had lost his four Dogs, who traveled on hold. The man’s grief was complete and he began to scream desperately. “Where are my dogs?”. The images were recorded at a brief clip over a few hours done Viral In the fast-paced world of networks.

The protagonist boarded the plane with the pets, but when he reached his destination, they gave him a sad news. Four animals are missing from the plane.

It was then that the man had an experience Crisis emotion Without precedents, manifested in both his verbal expressions and his gestures: he lay on the ground, exhausted by grief, as if he had fainted from shock. Until that moment, the subject did not know that the story was about to have a favorable conclusion that would end his ordeal.

Dogs have made a comeback in Switzerland

Seeing the frustration of the owner PetsFlight operators immediately began searching for the dogs.

Eventually, the animals were found trapped in one area Stopover in SwitzerlandThe tourist in question had disembarked before arriving in Istanbul.


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