June 7, 2023

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All news and trailers from PlayStation Showcase 2023 with PS5 and PS VR2 games

A recap of the best Sony event with about an hour of announcements for PlayStation 5 and virtual reality

About an hour of non-stop announcements. It cannot be denied PlayStation Showcase 2023 Important messages for PlayStation 5 y PSVR2With long-awaited announcements like the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 or the long-awaited first gameplay of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

But Sony’s latest event suffers from a more current problem with this type of presentation: abuse of videos without gameplay and, on the other hand, lack of release dates. This situation has left us A promising future for the PS5 But, perhaps, it is less clear than we expected after the long wait for the occurrence of these characteristics.

Video games of the PlayStation Showcase 2023

We will review a few below More interesting announcements The event left us with the most notable games and trailers of the event.

Alan Wake 2

Another person at the event almost sang. Remedy confirms its terrifying setting for this sequel to its cult video game, and lets users meet Saga Anderson, who can be controlled as a second playable character in the adventure. If you wish we had good news, Alan Wake 2 already has a release date, and it’s coming this year.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

Ubisoft leaves us with a beautiful trailer for its new Assassin’s Creed, which indicates a return to the origins of this already experienced story, whose protagonist speeds through the streets of vibrant Baghdad with very recognizable dynamics. Attached is the video release date.


From PlayStation Studios they propose to offer new multiplayer experiences to their players and this Concorde is presented as a PvP shooter set in a vibrant sci-fi universe developed by Firewalk Studios. The first trailer leaves little to be desired for those interested in the genre, as they don’t give a few hints about its setting. The good news is that it’s coming to PC and PS5 in 2024.

Dragon Dogma 2

It’s been 10 years since its release, but fans of the genre are still eager for Dragon’s Dogma and have been clamoring for a sequel ever since. Capcom’s RPG is about to drop, and as this trailer shows, it will offer a fantastically realistic fantasy world with no shortage of good battles and a great story of sorcery and swords.

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From Haven Studios, which Jade Raymond’s team acquired by PlayStation a few months ago, this multiplayer assault shooter seeks to take on the genre in a new way. Its authors want us to join an underground movement to rob the super-rich and reset the scales. Modern Robin Hood, wow. It will be coming to PC and PlayStation 5. No date.

Final Fantasy XVI

Although the new installment of the Square Enix saga will soon be launched, they do not want to miss the opportunity to remind users of its release from the PlayStation, presenting a classy new trailer that allows us to see the first steps that Clive Rosefield will take. The game’s protagonist, along a path, picks up his sword to resist his cruel fate.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Needed 2

One of the most important viral events of recent years is back with a new horror game that includes more mini-games and challenges to get on our nerves as we escape from grotesque mechanical creatures. With no specific date for the game, we also have a movie based on this universe this year. FNAF story is so artistic!

Foam stars

If they’d told us we’d be seeing a Splatoon announcement for PlayStation a few hours ago, we wouldn’t have believed it. But that’s okay, this Square Enix shooter is inevitably reminiscent of a Nintendo exclusive, swapping ink splatter for a kind of foam. It will be coming to PS5 and PS4.

Ghostrunner 2

One of the first surprises of the PlayStation Showcase. Ghostrunner returns with new platforming challenges and fast-paced first-person action, all set in a very attractive cyberpunk setting.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

This action RPG is turning out to be more difficult than we thought, but while we wait, CyGames is taking advantage of the PlayStation Showcase to present two new characters and confirm a winter release.

Helldiverse 2

“Time to take out the alien trash.” Don’t think of Starship Troopers when you see this frantic shooter, which you can enjoy alone or in co-op. It will open on PC and PS5 in 2023, and its authors have a problem to meet: it will be a huge and hellish shooter.

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Immortals of Aveum

Released under the EA Originals label, this shooter is very active when it comes to public appearances, promising a fast and fluid combat experience based on spells. The video game is guaranteed to be one of the summer entertainments and will reach various platforms (PC via Steam and EA, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S).

Marathon, by Bungie

Just hours before the PlayStation event, Bungie was going to be a key source of the company’s reaffirmed commitment to games as a service. Here’s a well-sourced grass-based shooter that sees users pit against each other as cybernetic mercenaries as they explore a lost colony on the planet Tau Ceti IV in search of wealth, fame and infamy. It’s not exclusive to PlayStation, it’s PC and Xbox Series X | S also comes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

It was expected, but it was clear that the second half of the year will be an exclusive PlayStation PlayStation Showcase. It included two videos, Kraven, Hunter, and a cinematic trailer that introduced a detailed 12-minute gameplay, for example, the symbiote’s combat abilities as its two protagonists toured New York. generation No date yet, it will be in the fall.

Solid metal gear D: Snake Eater (Remake)

Not that it was rumored, it’s no surprise to finally see a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, even if it’s only with one cinematic, it’s confirmed that there will be a bundle with the first three. Games in Solid Saga. There’s currently no release date for this new Snake Eater, but we have some game images that show what the updated action and stealth classic from Konami and Hideo Kojima will look like.


Nomada Studio made us fall in love with GRAY in 2018, and now they want to do it again with Neva, which tells the moving story of a young woman and her life-long adventure with a wonderful wolf. A world that is dying soon. A unique journey through puzzles, platforms, some battles and above all a beautifully drawn bull awaits those who immerse themselves in this video game for PC and consoles.

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Street Fighter 6

A few days after its global release, Capcom didn’t miss an opportunity to present a new trailer for its promising Street Fighter 6.

The Lucky Squire

One of the most original games to come out is The Lucky Squire. It’s hard to resist the temptation to play this colorful adventure that connects the world of drawings with “real life” outside the pages of a book.

Talos Theory 2

“You will be born into a new world where biological humanity is extinct, but human culture exists in a city of robots.” New Generation of Puzzles New Generation of Puzzles awaits players with the second installment of one of the most refreshing adventures we’ve had over 10 years ago. It will arrive on various platforms in 2023.

Tower of Fantasy

Discover a futuristic cyberpunk world and an amazing underwater kingdom with the Perfect World Games multiplayer exploration experience with Tower of Fantasy, an open-world RPG for PC, mobile and now PlayStation.

Phantom Blade Zero

One of the most exciting trailers of the event. This action and martial arts game has all the ingredients to grab anyone’s attention, the stage and combat situations are so impressive that it’s natural to draw a face of surprise. With no release date yet, the game, which has a “kung-fu punk” setting, will be released at least on PC and PS5.

Project K

There was a lot of talk about the possibility of seeing new hardware during the PlayStation Showcase. Project Q is Sony’s response to the growing interest in enjoying next-gen video games in handheld form, even if you’re not expecting a new PS Vita, and it comes with new official headphones.

Resident Evil 4 VR

There’s nothing like enjoying a horror game in virtual reality. It’s another experience! Capcom wants PS5 players to enjoy PlayStation VR2 glasses. This first trailer tells us what the remake will look like from a first-person perspective. Will you throw down the gauntlet?