January 27, 2023

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All hostages abducted at a synagogue in Texas have been released

All hostages abducted at a synagogue have been released

In a tweet, Texas Governor Greg Abbott did not elaborate on the release of all hostages detained this Saturday at the Congregation Beth Israel Chapel in Texas, USA. .

After about ten hours of talks that allowed the hostage to be released, “a rescue team entered the synagogue” and released the three other captives, small town police chief Michael Miller explained at a news conference. Collivillin.

“The suspect is dead,” Miller added.

News channel CNN That pointed to his part “A loud noise was heard, followed by gunfire from the direction of the synagogue.”, According to their correspondents in the area of ​​the event.

The first hostage was released this Saturday at 5:00 pm local time (23:00 GMT) in good health. After more than six hours, the FBI continued to negotiate with the suspect. Local police said.

Police sources who consulted through said CNN, There were at least four hostages at the start of the abduction Inside the synagogue of the Church of Beth Israel in Goliwille, one of them was a rabbi.

In turn the city was heavily guarded
In turn the city was heavily guarded

According to US officials cited by the networks CNN, ABC and NBC, The suspect claims to be the brother of Pakistani scientist Afia Siddiqui. He was imprisoned at a U.S. Air Force base near Colliville

The kidnapper has demanded the release of his sister, who is serving 86 years in prison for trying to kill U.S. soldiers and FBI agents detained in Afghanistan.

The hostages were taken during a religious service at the synagogue of Beth Israel. Broadcast live on the company’s website on Facebook. The local newspaper “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” reported.

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As soon as the first information about what happened appeared on social media, more than 8,000 people joined the video of the live broadcast, and finally the broadcast was stopped without resolving the situation inside the synagogue.

Also known as Afia Siddique "Lady Al Qaeda"
Afia Siddiqui, also known as “Lady Al Qaeda”.

The video did not show what was going on inside the building, but could hear an angry man talking about religion, did not want to hurt anyone and told the “Star-Telegram” that he was going to die.

Before stopping the video broadcast, It appears that telephone conversations took place between the suspect and the officers, Points to the rotary.

US President Joe Biden has received an explanation of Goliwille’s situation and will remain vigilant as events unfold in the coming hours, his spokesman Jen Psaki said on his Twitter account.

The Coleville Police Department said on its Twitter account that an elite SWAT task force had been deployed to the area where the synagogue was located, confirmed that it had evacuated the surrounding area, and asked not to approach the area.

The event strengthened police security at several synagogues and synagogues in major cities across the country, such as Dallas, New York or Los Angeles (California), to detect a potential anti-Semitic threat from what happened in Goliville.

(With information from EFE)

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