February 4, 2023

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After lengthy negotiations with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, Alberto Fernandez will be appointed President of the CELAC.

Alberto Fernandez takes over as CELAC’s Pro Tempore Chairman today, replacing his Mexican counterpart Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

At noon Alberto Fernandes will culminate in the longest and most peaceful diplomatic campaign involving the dictatorial regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and a few smaller Caribbean islands: In Palacio San Martினn, he will be appointed head of the Latin American and Caribbean States Community (CELAC), a multilateral forum that the United States, Brazil and Canada always ignore when making geopolitical decisions in the region.

Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega rejected the appointment of Alberto Fernandez and this political position blocked the presidential will in the CELAC. This is a one-year fee, which is obtained by consensus. And Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro has no choice but to seduce the Nicaraguan dictator.

Nicolas Maduro and Miguel Diaz-Connell listened carefully to the arguments of the Peronist government and began to put pressure on Ordega., Who opposed the solitude of his office in Managua. The dictatorial regimes of Venezuela and Cuba affect Nicaragua’s local and international agenda. Finally Maduro and Diaz-Connell fulfilled their promise to Gaza Rosada.

Nicaragua Foreign Minister Denis Ronaldo will arrive today with speeches by his colleagues from Moncata Colindres, Cuba and Venezuela. Two hours later, when the Foreign Ministers’ Summit died, Alberto Fernandez will appear in Palacio San Martin to thank him for the appointment Pro Tempo And announce that a new time is beginning in CELAC.

This new era of CELAC is linked to the geopolitical decision that the President shares with the dictatorial leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela: Controls the regional influence of the Organization of American States (OAS), which is outside its members Diaz-Colonel, Ortega and Maduro.

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OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro is a moving target for Alberto Fernandez. The president questioned his organizational agenda on human rights in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. And it is committed to shutting down OAS and transforming CELAC into a multidisciplinary forum for reducing US regional events.

Alberto Fernandez and Joseph Biden during an informal meeting on the G20 in Rome
Alberto Fernandez and Joseph Biden during an informal meeting on the G20 in Rome

Alberto Fernandez always looked after himself as one Diplomatic Adjuster It can bring the conditions of the populist regimes of Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela closer to the White House’s regional agenda. Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron, President of France and then President of Germany Angela Merkel They promoted this potential role of head of state.

But in the current geopolitical context, Alberto Fernandez’s final role in CELAC will be tough and open. Not only because of his intentions about the OAS, which has always aligned itself with the United States, but also because of the global power struggle between Washington and Beijing.

Joseph Biden is engaged in an open war against China, and Xi Jinping leaned on Luis Ars, Maduro, Diaz-Colonel and Ortega to advance in Latin America. And deny the allocation of regional power to the United States. Biden knows how the president came to lead the CELAC, and there will be distrust when a common agenda is proposed with a regional axis from Buenos Aires to DC.

In diplomatic forums the globe is at the forefront when it comes to protecting diverse and areas of interest. The White House does not like Xi in its sphere of influence, and even if Alberto Fernandez confirms otherwise, the Oval Room will always be in doubt.

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Biden’s distrust of the Balkars 50 also permeates negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).The White House will use Alberto Fernandez’s economic and financial needs to adjust diplomatic accounts and prevent CELAC and its relations with China from determining America’s agenda in Latin America.

Achieving the presidency of the CELAC is a political victory for Alberto Fernandez, but it is a diplomatic game that can pay zero.The alliance with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will not offset the possibility of a default by the end of the White House. The regional federation of Argentina is Mercosur, which is recognized by the United States and is languishing in agony.

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