June 7, 2023

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After her reported split from Luciano Castro, Sabrina Rojas sent a strong message to Flor Vigna.

After a year and a half relationship, Luciano Castro and Malar Vigna They will be separated amid a crisis and rumors of infidelity. In this context, Sabrina Rojas -the former partner of the actor- used her social networks to show her support War.

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Sabrina’s message to Flor Vigna comes amid rumors of a crisis with Luciano Castro

Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro spent twelve years together And, at that time, they were the parents of Esperanza and Fausto. In 2021, to the surprise of the public, they announced that they had made the decision to separate, and a few months later, each gave love a chance again: She with Dugu Lopez (from whom he split in 2023) and she with Flor Vigna.

Unlike many couples, the actors know how to share the stage in the play Nudes They put aside any kind of conflict for the sake of their children, not only do they have good relationships They added their respective new partners to the family dynamic, Celebrating birthdays together and planning group vacations.

Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro celebrate their son’s birthday with Flor Vigna and Dugu LopezInstagram @rojassasi

Now and then The division of Sabrina Rojas and Dugu Lopez And Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna are involved in a wave of rumors of a crisis, the dynamic hasn’t changed and despite everything they continue to show their support. This is exactly what America’s host did when she sent a message to her ex-husband’s girlfriend through her Instagram stories.

Wednesday night, that day Rodrigo “El Potro” is good would have turned 50, a recital was held in his honor, which brought together a large audience and brought out a list of references from the current music scene. Attended the event held at Skylab El Polago, Flor Vigna, Sebastian Mendoza, Roman del Original Alcala, Martin Bossi, Alejandra Romero and Walter Encina.

Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna made their relationship white at the end of 2021Ig / @florvigna

Like Sabrina Rojas, who was in the group of friends, there were many celebrities among the public. Along with uploading some of the best parts of the night to their social networks, Mendoza dedicated a special video to actress Flor Vigna When it was his turn to go on stage. A few hours later, the singer replicated the shoot on her own Instagram stories, writing: “Sabri”, with a heart emoji.

A couple of days ago Flor Vigna has announced that it is going out of production DivorceIt starred Luciano Castro, and explained that he had decided to focus on his music career. However, the first intruders Two months after the (US) premiere, he claimed that the reason for his departure was a crisis for the couple.

El Divorcio stars Pablo Raco, Luciano Castro, Flor Vigna and Carla Conte.Gerardo Vierkovic

“They’re separated and they’re going to deny it for a few days because they still have to be together in a job, but the intimate environment. Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro confirm split”Pointing to Nancy Duré, she added: “The idea of ​​working together is not as good as they thought. Apparently there are problems, she was alone in Bresch at the weekend and he denied the breakup.

It was also revealed that the actor’s infidelity left them sidetracked. Castro denied the version of the secession, while Vigna said he preferred not to mention the matter When she was interrogated by Estefi Berardi.


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