May 31, 2023

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After covid, there is a warning of increase of other viruses and they start desperate demand

“Please, let’s use vaccines!” PAHO’s director said Wednesday. He, along with other experts, warned of declining vaccination rates against other infections.

“Please, let’s use it Vaccines!”. Carissa Etienne, Director General of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), launched this request this Tuesday by giving an overview of the region’s health situation in front of journalists from across the continent.

Etienne said the region faces three threats: Covid, flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

The official’s statement comes from resistance to a reality that is almost unstoppable today: Hatching of RSV in various countries of the Northern Hemisphere, with full hospital facilities. There is currently no vaccine to prevent this virus, which causes bronchitis.

Instead, he and the experts at the press conference emphasized that there is a vaccine against flu, Covid and other dangerous diseases. Measles and Polio.

Vaccination for children against Covid was low in the country.

Etienne expressed his concern Low vaccination rates, especially in children. A reality Argentina was not spared: Both the childhood vaccination against Covid and the last campaign against measles and polio for children aged 1 to 4 years, the response has been limited.

The expert suggested that governments of various countries once again advise their people Use of mask Before new infections of respiratory transmission appear. He said that we should take advantage of the experience of the pandemic to use this resource whenever needed.

He noted that the so-called cases are good news “Monkey Disease” The region has declined in recent weeks. But, he added, “they should be reduced to zero”. The accolade came at the same time Chile announced its first death from the disease on Wednesday, an elderly man with another underlying pathology.

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Regarding polio, Etienne said, “No cases have been recorded yet, but vaccination levels remain low.” Especially with polio, Etienne lamented, because it is a disease “Treatment or no treatmentBut there is a vaccine.” And he added: “This is a disease that has been eradicated and we are not going to give up.”

Next, PAHO Interim Deputy Director Marcos Espinal addressed another aspect of the current epidemiological situation. I speak “The Immune Gap” When explaining why after covid “Other viruses manifest differently”.

Director of PAHO said cases of "Monkey disease" They go down.
PAHO director says cases of “monkey paralysis” are on the decline.

What is the reason? As he explained, there are many boys today “Naive Immunity” for typical winter diseases, because their mothers are isolated, isolated during pregnancy, and do not develop antibodies that are transmitted to their children, to stimulate Immune system.

However, like the organization’s director, he assured, “There is nothing as effective as vaccines. This is one of the most amazing inventions.

In turn, Jairo Méndez Rico, PAHO Regional Advisor for Emerging Viral Diseases, immediately noted the Covid situation and was keen to highlight it. There are no new variations”, but lineages and suborders of Omicron.

In particular, he referred to the associative theory BQ.1 The BA.5 subvariant, which has taken center stage in the US in particular, is gaining influence in South America to a lesser extent. He assured that there was no evidence that it was too aggressive. And I add: “They’re all omicrons.”.

Mendez Rico also took the opportunity to highlight that PAHO “does not accept names circulated on social networks.” ‘Hellhound’ oh ‘Andromeda’ To baptize those lineages. “Names continue with Greek letters and will continue. Those names create confusion.

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Finally, although the arrival of a new generation of vaccines suitable for Ómicron will face the reinforcements that people need to receive, he assured that vaccines against Covid have not stopped working against serious illness and death. .


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