June 3, 2023

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After 30 years, Pepe Gill Vidal bids farewell to the Tamil film industry

After nearly 30 years, I reported on current events in the country and the world. Jose Antonio “Pepe” Gil Vidal Farewell to TN film industry. In broadcasting for three decades, the 66-year-old journalist He decided to retire from television He will also continue his work in radio.

Pepe has worked for the Artear news channel since its inception. On June 1, 1993. During these years, Marked by his personal and professional style Various shows he has been a part of. However, he decided that 2022 would be the year to say goodbye to television going onHe has been running since 2018 with Sandra Borghi.

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Although in these years he was in charge of the show that went on screen from 16 to 18 TN, Pepe was part of several signal productions and was responsible for various divisions. He was one of the idols TN InternationalHe expressed his curiosity about what was happening in the world Co-chaired Telescope (eltrees), With Maria Laura Santillan and Santo Piazzetti.

Sports lover, good companion and unique humor, Pepe also made his mark in the newsroom. Always accurate, timely and willing to help. Knowledgeable and creative, he was on hand when we needed to piece together last-minute coverage. Through his example, he taught us to do good journalism.

Pepe Gil Vidal was in charge of “It’s Happening” (Photo: Instagram / sandraborghiok).

The life of Pepe Gil Vidal, the all-round journalist

In his nearly 30 years Art, Pepe Gil Vidal showed that he is an all-round journalist. Headed the News Sections 12 o’clock NT, 17 in N.T Y 18 in N.T. Between 2005 and 2011, he marked the way news was presented back and forth. Collection (Thirteen).

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In 2010, he replaced Andres Repetto in International Analysis TN Y Eldrace. He covered the presidential elections in Brazil in 2010 and 2014, the presidential elections in Chile (2014), the Newtown massacre (2012), the Indignados march in Spain, the presidential elections in the United States (2011), and the elections in Spain (2011). ), the death of Fidel Castro (2016) and the last election of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela.

Pepe Gil Vidal, an all-round journalist, was part of the Telenoche staff.  (Photo: TN).
Pepe Gil Vidal, an all-round journalist, was part of the Telenoche staff. (Photo: TN).

He started his career in conducting in 2011 TN InternationalHe held the post till 2020. From August 2018, from 16 to 18, he is in charge. going on (TN) joint to Sandra Borghi.

Comrades Farewell to Pepe Gil Vidal

One of those who dedicated some beautiful words to his partner in these 4 years Sandra Borgo. On his Instagram account, the presenter highlighted the incredible work of his colleague. “You taught me to drive, you bankrolled me through everything, loved me just the way I am, You let me enter and be a part of your lifeYou opened your heart to me, made me laugh like no other, showed me how to be the best professional in the world, said “I love you and respect you” a thousand times in your own way and You showed me how real journalism is done”, he promised.

Pepe Gil Vidal and Sandra Borghi, conductors "going on".  (Photo: Instagram/sandraborghiok)
Pepe Gil Vidal and Sandra Borghi, “It’s Happening”. (Photo: Instagram/sandraborghiok)

Ignacio Gonzalez Prieto He also wrote a nice farewell to the driver: “Today is José ‘Pepe’ Gil Vidal’s last day in TN. I dismiss a friend, a teacher, a classmate and a dying professional. Watch and learn. If there were more peeps in the newsrooms of the media, everything would be different. A number 1 in the industry”.

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Even though he has moved away from television, Gil Vidal will continue to report early morning ((CNN Radio)There he runs from 13 to 16 with Piya Shah.