February 4, 2023

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A terrible sentence on a plane caused panic and ended in a miracle

“I think she’s dead” Words that started an intense episode on a plane Three Uruguayans resuscitate a woman whose life was in danger. Due to the possibility of the patient decomposing again, the plane made an emergency landing in Africa.

Shortly after the Air Europa flight from Madrid to Montevideo, This is what a 50-year-old Uruguayan woman told her daughter He felt bad when he took the chest. The young lady called the maid.

When the flight attendant arrived, the lady had a heart attack right in front of her. Juan Maria UriarteThe anesthesiologist and son of former veterinary minister Carlos María Uriarte was barefoot, masked and dozing in his seat when he heard over the loudspeaker that a doctor was needed.

Doctors saved the woman’s lifeAir Europa website

“When they called I thought, ‘This can’t be anything, it’s got to be someone unconscious or anxious.’Juan Maria said Country. However, the anesthesiologist discovered something very different.

“When I come and see a colleague (a Uruguayan doctor living in Spain) and she tells me, ‘I think she’s dead,’ I take her carotid pulse. You see that you do not feel it and you see the patient’s color and cold touch, you feel. I told her, ‘Yes, she’s dead, we’re going to revive her,'” she said.

The patient was taken to the emergency section of the plane, which is located directly across the rows of passengers. There they were joined by an internist from Hospital Maciel. With the equipment provided to them by the flight crew, Three Uruguayans began resuscitation work in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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”About two inches from my left shoe, a woman in her 50s. throw I’m not breathing. Stomach not moving. A large first aid kit”, recalled passenger Vero Erin, whose seat and that of her husband and young daughter were directly in front of the resuscitation area.

The incident took place on an Air Europa flight.
The incident took place on an Air Europa flight.Wikimedia Commons

The couple assisted the medical team, shining cell phone flashlights on them. “We put patches on it where the sign jumped out She was ready to defibrillate and we defibrillated her”, Juan María recounted. About 15 minutes passed from the time the woman was arrested until she was revived.

Mortality increases by 10% for every minute that cardiac massage is delayed. “That was crucial to the outcome for me because the flight attendant immediately realized what was going on and called for help, and when I arrived, (the patient) had stopped,” he said.

Once the woman was stabilized, another problem arose. “The problem was, we were in the middle.”, the anesthesiologist described. The captain of the plane asked the doctors, through a stewardess, what they should do, as their “next land” would be in about eight hours.

“At that time, the woman was very lucid and cooperative with an oxygen mask. It’s not like we have much oxygen tank, if I stop again Or if we have to reabsorb her and everything, we can’t do it, or under the best circumstances”, Juan María pointed out.

The trio decided it would be best to make an emergency landingAnd this was communicated to the pilot, who “at no time questioned the decision.”

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We begin our descent into Cape Verde. For all this, the stewardess told us, ‘The runway in Cape Verde is small, it’s not built for these planes’,” the expert noted. The three Uruguayans who helped the woman They sat next to her during the risky landing, which ended well.

Cape Verde on a map (Photo: Rei-artur, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons)
Cape Verde on a map (Photo: Rei-artur, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons)

A few minutes later, a doctor who spoke a little Spanish arrived, after which the patient and her daughter were transferred to a clinic and then to a hospital in the African country. Meanwhile, the plane refueled and took off again.

The ship arrived in Montevideo six hours later than expected. Arriving in the capital, Juan María contacted the patient’s daughter. “The last thing I knew, they were waiting for a flight back to Spain and they were going to study it there, complete the assessment,” he said.

Although the odyssey took place in July, Vero recalled it a few days ago on social networks And, he admits, he now has “a good time” to get back on the plane. As a story, he said he was a football player Diego Forlan and the President of Katcha, John SalgadoThey were also on the plane that crashed.

*By Rocio Gonzalez

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