December 6, 2022

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A submarine in Tonga erupted off the coast of seven regions following a “small tsunami” following a volcanic eruption.

Easter Island or Raba Nui (Chile) file photo (Santiago Morales / Agency One)

Chile’s National Emergency Response Team (Onemi) issued a restraining order this Saturday It was asked to evacuate the coasts of seven regions across the country, except Easter Island and other areas. After a volcanic eruption near the island of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean.

Chile Navy’s Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOA) announced via Twitter “Warning status” I.e., depending on the extent of the risks handled by this body, “Indicates the possibility of a small tsunami” in those regions.

In some of these seven regions crowded beaches were seen with groups of people trying to get out of the beach with belongings and pets.: Arica and Kokimbo (north); Ñuble, Biobío and La Araucania (center-south), and Los Rியோos and Las Lagos (south). All residents of these areas received a warning message on their cell phones and were able to hear alarms sounding in the coastal areas through loudspeakers: “Tsunami Warning, Go to Safe Areas”, They were saying.

Initially, the announcement only affected Easter Island, which is located 3,800 kilometers off the continent, in the Pacific Ocean; Juan Fernண்டndez Archipelago, 600 km from Chile and off the coast of San Felix and Antarctica (far south) In the afternoon, however, the alarm spread to all seven parts of the continent.

“After monitoring all the beaches, we have determined that these areas are in a state of alert as there is a possibility of a tsunami ranging from 30 centimeters to one meter.”, Claudio Aldia, deputy director of operations for Onmi, warned the local media.

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SHOA (Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Maritime Service) reports The resin extends the precautionary level for the coastal margin. Uble, Biobío, La Araucania, Los Ríos and Los Lagos, except reg. Arica and Barinacotta and Gokimbo, Archip. Juan Fernandez, Easter Island, San Felix and Chile Antarctica “, Official news posted by Onmi Social Networks.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued

The announcement comes just hours after the violence An underwater volcano erupts near the island of Tonga in the South Pacific, Which caused A terrible tsunami, which caused warnings in other countries in the region.

In Tonga, houses and buildings on the north coast of Tongatabu were hit by waves for about 15 minutes, according to videos posted on social media by witnesses. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. – Hanga Tonga heard hundreds of kilometers away from the Hanga Ha’boy volcano.

The eruption lasted eight minutes, and Fiji officials said it sounded very strong “like distant thunder” on the Fiji Islands 800 km away.

Authorities asked all people living along the coast to go to higher ground and wear masks before the gray rain to escape the strong waves.

The United States has warned of a tsunami in the west, while other countries, such as Costa Rica, have been alerted along the Pacific coast.

With information from EFE

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