January 27, 2023

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A senior security official travels to Moscow: What is the plan to buy military aircraft from Russia?

A. with Argentina and Russia Strategic Alliance Representatives of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFID) were in Buenos Aires to evaluate specific projects to boost trade and investment. A senior official of the Ministry of Defense went to Moscow Enhance military cooperation and explore the possibility of incorporating war materials from this country.

Last week, The Secretary of Defense for International Affairs, Francisco Kafiro – Relative of the Chancellor and former Chief Executive Officer, Santiago Cafiro– Went to Moscow to meet with Deputy Minister of International Military Cooperation Alexander Fomin, And other high-ranking figures in the Armed Forces of the Eurasian Giant.

During your stay, Kafiro was with Argentine Air Force (FAA) officers eager to advance Negotiations for the purchase of supersonic fighter jets, Argentina lost many years ago to military weapons imposed by the United Kingdom after the Battle of Malvinas (1982) and was prevented from recovering by the British siege.

Francisco Cafiero, backed by Air Force officials in Moscow.

In Moscow, the Secretary of State for International Affairs also met with officials Rosenboron Export, MIG-35 Central Service for Industrial and Military Technical Cooperation in the production of multifunctional front-line fighter aircraft. In the Libertador building they highlighted Rosonboronexport as “the only company in Russia authorized to export and import products, technologies and services of military nature and dual use”.

As he knew Historian From military sources, the Air Force requested detailed information about the MIG-35 in May, which is a step in the right direction for many to purchase this equipment. However, the Ministry of Defense officially insisted that they still exist “In the evaluation phase”, And there are many alternatives to deck.

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Without further ado, Vice-Chancellor Pablo Dettamondi Was days ago India The possibility of purchasing warplanes in violation of the British embargo was also assessed there.

India provided supersonic aircraft to meet the Air Force’s long standing demand

During a visit to Russia, Kafiro and Fomin, the deputy minister for military cooperation, agreed to institutionalize a mechanism. “Strategic political dialogue between Russia and Argentina on security issues”It has not yet come into force after the military cooperation agreement signed by the two defense ministries in 2015. Such a thing would allow Argentine players to train in Russia.