January 26, 2022

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A prisoner in Ecuador has killed his partner during a close visit to a prison

Anti-riot police members detained in front of a jail in Guayaquil (EFE / File)

A prisoner has done Woman murdered during a close visit to a prison in EcuadorThe Prisons Administration said Saturday that prisons are under emergency as more than 300 inmates were killed in riots in 2021.

# It is speculated during a private visit that PPL (the person who lost his independence) committed the crime of murder by Edgar C.”, Refers to the National Service for Comprehensive Care for Adult Loss (SNAI).

As reported The universeAccording to the police report, the victim was identified as Sonia M. Died of strangulation An inmate at a prison in the southern province of El Oro on the border with Peru, without providing further details of the incident.

It is thought the prisoner may have used ropes to commit the crime, Who was warned by prison officials.

“The woman came to see her partner in the morning and in the afternoon the prisoner involved ran out to ask for help, but already The woman had no major symptoms when paramedics examined herSaid Rosmel Galegos, deputy head of the Machala district of the National Police.

A lawyer and crime branch staff on duty came to remove the body.

Ecuador, in its prisons a More than 30% of the crowd, A Shortage of 2,500 prison guides. Nationwide there are currently only 1,646.

The crime happened just after the end of Friday A three-day visit by representatives of the US Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to study the crisis caused by population growth and conflicts between rival gangs In prisons.

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President Guillermo Lasso made the announcement on September 29th 60 days exemption in all prisons in the country, 119 inmates of Guayaquil 1 prison in Guayaquil (southwest) have died after one of the worst prison massacres in Latin America.

At that prison, on November 14, 62 inmates were killed when inmates entered from one pavilion to kill members of a rival gang using guns, ammunition and knives.

Lasso extended the state of emergency for another month until December 29. They argue in the renewal order The “serious internal uprising” of the Ecuadorian prison “unfortunately continues.”

The decree, signed last Sunday, provides for the “mobilization” of the police and armed forces to “strengthen and restore order and control” in all prisons in the country.

There are 65 prisons in Andean with a capacity of about 30,000 inmates, but 39,000 of them are inmates. Of the total prisoners, about 15,000 were not convicted.

(With information from AFP)

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