June 7, 2023

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A photo of Sabrina Rojas with Dugu Lopez has gone viral

It is none other than that Someof Instagram RumorsThose who received a lewd photo of mom or dad from school and didn’t even take a second to share it from their Instagram stories, causing a potential rift between them, she embraced him.

It should be remembered that it breaks through the beginning of April Roses After becoming aware of a certain flirtation in her almost two-year relationship with the announcer tucu With a woman in a nightclub in Villa Carlos Paz, he assured her that he had forgiven her many slips, bearing in mind the experience she had with the father of her children.

Sabrina Rojas Tucu López photo possible reconciliation.jpeg

Strong support for Flor Vigna from Sabrina Rojas amid rumors of split with Luciano Castro

The crisis of Flor vigna Y Luciano Castro It’s a fact, and amid rumors questioning the split between the actor and dancer, his ex Sabrina Rojascame out to support the dancer.

Even days ago Scoopsnow Exclusively communicated with Luciano Castro And the actor was candid when talking about the breakup rumours Flor vigna. “No, we’re not broken up. Thank you.”He committed Galata to this portal.

Sabrina Rojas and a strong message of support for Flor Vigna amid rumors of a crisis.jfif

However, hours pass and rumors of a breakup grow, especially after the singer’s last release.

In the middle of the tribute Rodrigo BuenoHaving turned 50 on May 24, former D Luciano When uploading video to their networks Vigna sang “Classified Love” From Córdoba.

Although Sabrina have uploaded videos All Chantilon, Gustavo Pereira, Romanian l original, Angela Leva Y PolandWith his video Flor vigna He made it more than clear that he fully supports the latter? Their children’s father’s partner.

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