April 1, 2023

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A nurse has been arrested in Italy for giving the wrong vaccines to anti-vaccine relatives: video of her being charged

Video of false vaccines against Govt in Palermo

A Nurse From Palermo, Put in Sicily (southern Italy) Home Guard It was revealed after the investigation The relatives had been falsely vaccinated against the corona virus And she pretended to get the booster dose herself.

The Palermo police report details the allegations made by the prosecutor’s office against the nurse at the “Fiera del Mediterráneo” vaccination center. “Misinformation and financial fraud”.

The Girl, She also works as a nurse in the Infectious Diseases Unit of the ARNAS Center in Palermo. Benefited from the wrong third dose against Kovit-19 And training during a duty trip, Misdiagnosis of the vaccine for two family members identified as vaccine resistant.

This is a new case Health workers in Italy have been arrested for allegedly pretending to vaccinate two relatives and receiving money to administer fake vaccines.

Parlormita Police last December, Another nurse at the same vaccination center was arrested for pretending to be vaccinating eleven subjects, Including a well-known leader of the anti-vaccine movement, is currently undergoing precautionary measures in prison.

for now, Two relatives who received the wrong vaccine are being investigated for crimes that were complicit in the fraud Further investigations are underway to identify financial and information forgery and other similar counterfeit vaccines.

Other similar cases

A nurse was charged last week Pretending to have given the corona virus vaccine to at least 45 people, they could fraudulently obtain a health passport., Disposing of vaccines in a container and placing sanitary adhesive bands on their “patients” so as not to arouse suspicion.

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City Police Ancona, On the east coast of Italy, further put under Four accomplices under house arrest, They are accused of finding anti-vaccine customers who are willing to pay for a health passport instead of getting vaccinated.

The police took the picture Nurse While working at a large vaccination center in Angona, he was apparently there The contents of the syringe were poured into a medical waste container Before pretending to inject into the patient’s hand and putting band-aid on it.

File image of a nurse with a Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine against Covit-19 at Molinet Hospital in Turin.  EFE / EPA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO
File image of a nurse with a Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine against Covit-19 at Molinet Hospital in Turin. EFE / EPA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

Suspects He was accused of corruption, forgery of information and financial fraudThe police added that the fake vaccination program was a waste of “important public resources”.

In Italy, measures against those who are not vaccinated are increasingly severe, Access to services such as recreational activities and public transportation, proof of vaccination or recent recovery from COVID-19 is required. Italy, Europe’s first eruption recorded in February 2020 86% of the population over the age of 12 is vaccinated And provided boosters to 60% of eligible people.

Police have launched several investigations into the fake health permits One case that caught my attention was the dentist who went to vaccinate me with a fake silicone hand.. After his actions led to a criminal investigation against him, the dentist finally announced that he had been vaccinated and only opposed the government’s vaccination requirements for health workers.

(With information from EFE and AP)

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