May 30, 2023

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A MAS deputy confirmed the theft of Evo Morales’ cell phone and clarified: “He has no information about drug trafficking.”

Evo Morales (Franco Fafusuli)

After Evo Morales’ cell phone was stolen on Sunday, The vice-president of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) clarified that the phone number of the former Bolivian president does not contain information related to drug trafficking.. The politician said the device may contain data relating to the former president’s political activities.

β€œHe has important information on the issue of political integration that our brother Evo Morales is carrying out. In no way can it be said that he has information about drug trafficking, it is a leader’s cell phone, we hope the police can clarify and trace our leader’s cell phone.”, said Juanito Angulo, Deputy of MAS.

Morales suffered this Sunday when his cell phone was stolen during a campaign eventHe ordered the mobilization of police officers present at the scene to recover the device and prevent leakage of sensitive information.

According to the angle, And the cell phone may have been stolen by “infiltrators.” or the US Embassy.

“It’s a little strange that they’re stealing it in a political move, I don’t know if it’s hidden or stolen, that would establish an investigation, but so what. This is the cell phone of an important, historical leader, a former president who gave so much for the country”, said the legislator.

As reported DutyAt 8:30 p.m. the theft of equipment was reported and the police were dispatched.

National Police Commander Orlando Ponce gave the order, the newspaper reported Detective agencies, the Department of Criminal Analysis and Intelligence (DACI) and all other units are conducting a “desperate search”..

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Officials, on condition of anonymity, expressed their displeasure at the order saying that the mobilization forced retired agents to participate.

The former Bolivian President participated in the closing ceremony of the campaign of Rufino Correa, the MAS mayoral candidate for the municipality of La Guardia in Santa, together with Minister of the President Marianela Prada and Minister of Government Eduardo del Castillo. Cruise.

Police sources have indicated There are fears that those who stole the cell phone may have access to the information and contacts maintained by Morales., and they don’t confirm if the device is password protected. Hence, in the ruling party, there is growing concern about leaks of messages or pictures of the former president, both personal and governmental in nature.

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