June 3, 2023

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A Mapuche group has armed itself and demanded that the Chilean government stop militarization

On social websites Chile A video of a Mapuche organization called Weichan Auka Mapu posing with weapons and demanding a government began to circulate. Sebastian Pinera That Put an end to militarization in the south of the country, Where the conflict has intensified in recent days.

The recording, which lasts more than two minutes, hears a man with his face covered and a distorted voice surrounded by about 30 people. All armed.

Sitting behind a desk in a rural setting of dense vegetation, the speaker says: “We emphasize this new. The police and the military, the watch dogs of the rich, must abandon our territory, Because they will be defeated by the power of the armed Mapuche people. ”

At the end of the video, you can see the team members shooting into the sky. Photo: Video Capture

In another section, the man is the organization “Reaffirms revolutionary commitment to sabotage Destroying and destroying the interests of capitalism ñuke map (Mother Earth) “. Destruction is the A freight train derailed and caught fire It took place on Wednesday in the La Araucania area.

During the video and in parallel with the spokesman’s message, pictures flow of members of the group marching through the plants with guns and machine guns hanging from their chests. All members line up and the shoot ends Shooter in the air When Mapuche raises slogans.

According to the newspaper Third In Chile, the Highly Complex Division announced that the Araucanian State Attorney’s Office has launched an official investigation. For the use of weapons.

Tensions are rising day by day in the militarized region of Chile. In addition to the episode of the freight train sabotage, there was also an armed conflict between the tribal Mapuche and security forces in southern Chile. One died and four were injured in the stampedeGravity, in principle, is one of them.

A historical conflict

The region is experiencing a historic conflict between the Mapuche people and the state, Chile’s largest ethnic group. Indigenous people demand their own lands It was handed over by the ancestral ownership to the private sector, mainly to forestry companies and landowners.

Violence has escalated over the past decade as the conflict has not been resolved Arson attacks on private property and trucks. It brought to light the existence of drug trafficking and defense organizations, as well as police operations allegedly mounted to indict tribal people.

Pinara ordered an exceptional position in the region in mid-October, and this Thursday he formally asked parliament to extend it for another two weeks from November 11th.

Action demanded by the most conservative departments, It was criticized from the beginning by tribal organizations And by opposition parties who argue that this is a way to further emphasize the bitter conflict.