January 27, 2023

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A map of the highest paid YouTubers in the world

Top-grossing YouTube channels from every country in South America. (Screenshot: SavingSpot)

to earn money Network light It’s getting harder, but still, 400,000 Americans make a living from a streaming platform, and that number is growing worldwide. It is passionate and thorough Map shows YouTubers Rich in every country.

And it may be TikTok oh traction Liked maybe, but the streaming platform Google According to CashNetUSA, it is the most visited destination in the world, with 13.3 billion visits per month.

694,000 hours of video are streamed on the platform every minute, over 452,000 hours per minute. Netflix. It has its advantages because of the videos Network light They are much lower than the movies and series on the Swedish platform.

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Richest YouTube channels in every country

SavingSpot conducted research based on data from SocialBlade to create a detailed map of the richest YouTube channels in each country. Below is a graph of the highest earning YouTubers in the world:

Top paid YouTube channels from every country in the world.  (Photo: SavingSpot)
Top paid YouTube channels from every country in the world. (Photo: SavingSpot)

It’s not good, so Infobae recommends entering This link Appreciate a map High resolution. After entering this link, you can check the YouTube channels that are making the most money Kids Channels And this Gaming Channels. And in the top 3, the figures are truly staggering.

CocamaloneThe American children’s channel, which has variations in English, Spanish and other languages, is the highest-grossing channel in YouTube history, earning $282.8 million since 2006. It primarily consists of songs and short animated episodes. , children create again and again.

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Highest grossing YouTube channel in Europe Like it Nastya It has raised $167.5 million from Russia. This channel stars a girl who suffered from stroke at birth. Doctors didn’t give him much hope of walking and talking, but with therapy and exercise he was able to pull through. It also has a Spanish version.

Nastia (Photo: Dailysia.com)
Nastia (Photo: Dailysia.com)

In South America There is another channel for children Child kingdom, which accumulates the highest profit with $102.2 million. Like Cocomalon, it is an animation channel featuring songs, stories and adventures as well as live shows.

Children's Kingdom.  (Photo: YouTube)
Children’s Kingdom. (Photo: YouTube)

In SpainChildren’s Channel Little mice grossed $19.4 million. It is the second highest earner in the aforementioned country. two sisters, Claudia Y Gisele, they play different games, challenge and test toys. They even have their own sales tax.

Rats.  (Photo: YouTube)
Rats. (Photo: YouTube)

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Gaming channels, in the second phase

Games are YouTube’s second most profitable business after children’s shows. FGTeeV He is the richest YouTuber among gaming channels, with gross earnings of $47 million and more than 22 billion views on his videos.

While it is a gaming channel, it also targets a younger audience with family-friendly gaming quizzes.

FGTeeV.  (Photo: YouTube)
FGTeeV. (Photo: YouTube)

Seen in this map EuropeThe richest YouTubers by country are in the British Isles. Dandytm has crossed 39 million dollars Jaxsepticeye 32 million.

As the continent’s third-richest Spanish-speaking YouTuber, he should Vegeta777 He earned $31.4 million on YouTube. These are numbers that are light years ahead of others, as most of the richest YouTubers in every country don’t reach 2 million dollars.

Vegeta777.  (Photo: YouTube)
Vegeta777. (Photo: YouTube)

After looking at all these statistics, the conclusion is simple: if any Infobae reader wants to get rich on YouTube, it is best to create an animation channel for children or a channel where they are the protagonists.

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On the topic of the richest YouTubers in every country in the world, influence Language. As you can see in the graph, the most profitable channels are American and British since English is a global language. mentioned Children’s kingdom, little mice oh Vegeta777 Spanish is a language spoken by over 500 million people and they benefit from having an audience in all Hispanic countries.

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