June 7, 2023

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A man was abducted when he was 4 years old and reunited with his mother more than three decades ago, thanks to a map of his city.

The truth excites everyone China. Scenes of mother and son reuniting after a 33-year search went viral on social media and spread around the world.

Is the story of Li Jingwei, A man who was abducted and sold at the age of 4, was able to reconnect with his mother after posting on a social video network. Doin Handmade map of his village based on some memories from his childhood.

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The story of Li Jingwei, who was abducted at the age of 4, when he found his mother.

Li Jingwei He was abducted in 1989 in his hometown of Zhaotong, in the southwestern province of Yunnan. He was taken away by a neighbor who could only be identified as a bald man. He was 4 years old when he was the victim of a human trafficking gang and they sold him to a family who lived 1,800 kilometers from home.

Map of the village where reunification was possible (Photo: Beijing News / Weibo / BBC)

Li always knew that his new family had been adopted. But as she grew older she was repeatedly interrogated by her foster parents and told no story. Even, according to BBC, He returned to the DNA database to find out its origin, but it failed. Until one day he decided to ask for help online.

To do this, in mid-December last year he uploaded a video on the Douyin platform where he told his story. “I’m the boy looking for his house. In 1989 a bald neighbor took me to Henan, When I was about 4 years old”, He thought.

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The painting of his village is important to find the mother of a young man who was abducted in China at the age of 4.

But there was something essential to his search. He drew a map of the small village where he grew up based on his childhood memories. “This is a map of the area of ​​my house that I memorized,” he said. The building featured what he believed to be a school, a bamboo grove and a small pond.

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Soon that video went viral. His story reached the police, who began a thorough search of the village “drawn” by Li, who remembered it. Investigators were able to identify the city where he was abducted three decades ago.

Li Jingwe and his mother after reunion (Photo: Beijing News / Weibo / BBC)
Li Jingwe and his mother after reunion (Photo: Beijing News / Weibo / BBC)

Thus the police began to investigate complaints regarding the disappearance of children in the area. He interviewed a woman who condemned the abduction of her young son in 1989 33 years ago.

DNA testing confirmed that it was Lee’s mother. The two finally met on Saturday in Yunnan Province.

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How can Lee Jingwei reunite with his mother 33 years after being abducted in China?

Li and her mother hugged each other and cried emotionally after the expected reunion.

“33 years of waiting, countless nights of nostalgia, finally hand-drawn from memory, this is the moment of perfect liberation after 13 days. Thanks to everyone who helped me reunite with my family, ”Li wrote on his Duin profile before the meeting.

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Li now lives in Canton Province in southern China.