June 7, 2023

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A huge sunspot that threatens Earth and scares scientists

Scientists from all over the world have shown their warning By an appearance point on the sun Often, these events occur without violating common sense and their duration is usually several days or, if they are very large, weeks. However, this case is different.

The last detected sunspot is called AR3310Astronomers have their own concerns Large size And for connecting with our planet. It’s a size stain Four times the size of Earth And it can create a Combustion on earth.

At this time, AR3310 has already revealed a volcano, but it is classified Level M High, This type of phenomenon is second in the ranking and it affects only the northern lights, which become brighter and longer lasting.

A flare that can affect Earth

According to the statement released National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which monitors weather in space, There is a 20% chance That releases this stain Powerful X-Class Flare It points to the earth.

This body is described in the portal ‘spaceweather.com’Classifies sunburns by severity and by means The amount of X-rays Released into space. Therefore, C flares are less intense, while X are more powerful.

If this type of explosion occurs, it can occur Radio blackout It affects the airline, or Radiation storms Long lasting. NASA has warned that it will affect Electrical power networksNavigation signals and could pose a danger to astronauts.

The last eruption affected South America

This is not the first time that this type of spot has been detected on the Sun Last February and affected South America with strong radio interference. This is the result of a serious publication Electromagnetic radiation.

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What is a sunspot?

A sunspot is a region of the Sun that has a lower temperature than its surroundings, and a Intense magnetic activity. A typical sunspot has a dark central area called the “umbra” surrounded by a lighter “penumbra”. appear frequently, Grow or change dimensions and appear for days until disappearing.

For their part, the Sun burn A sudden and intense release Electromagnetic radiation In the Sun’s chromosphere, there is an energy equivalent to about 1,000 million hydrogen bombs.