June 3, 2023

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A Chilean journalist spoke of insecurity when a parrot stole his hearing aid

When a Journalist Chile was talking on the cell phone done InsecurityA certain situation arose, the main character of which was a bird, which “lurched” during the exchange and “Stolen” Journalist’s Headset. The They areIt’s obviously a Argentine parrotGrabbing the hearing aid, he quickly ran away, creating a hilarious moment that quickly went viral and was on the lips of many viewers and social media users.

Journalist victim of unexpected “robbery”. Nicholas CrummA historian from Silvesian started signaling to the cameramen They are It landed on his left shoulder seconds before stealing the hearing aid.

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“I feel a presence”: the journalist’s reaction

“My hearing aid was stolen!”The historian protested, surprised by the facts.

He later told a Chanel colleague: “We send in the afternoon and between I feel very close to me I realized it was a parrot”.

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“I tried to warn the cameraman because it was weird”Krum explained.

“I think my hearing aid caught his attention because the parrot was there and it was out of the corner of my eye and I had to keep talking. We were live and when I tried to report, the parrot grabbed my hearing aid and took it away”, maintained the historian while reconstructing the comedy scene.

Happy ending: hearing recovery

However, the bird that revolutionized Chilean television was A Argentine parrotBelongs to race Myopsita is a saint, according to veterinarian Cristobal Briceño. As wild specimens do not usually exhibit this type of behavior, the expert thought it was possible that the little animal had previously been in contact with a human family.

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Despite everything, the reporter and cameraman searched around the place and surprisingly found an eardrum thrown on the grass. “We finally managed to find it. The cameraman, luckily, with great courage, found it in the grass and we were able to save the hearing aid.said the robbed.


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