May 30, 2023

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A Canadian town’s terrifying challenge: find the “woman in the tree” hidden in the woods

Halloween was celebrated at the end of October All over the world and Through social networks, various outfits have been spotted that cause horror. However, one Canadian city’s proposal caused a stir among its citizens for an unusual purpose: Find the hidden “lady in the tree” in the nature reserve.

Before starting This October 30 activitiesIt involved children and youth dressing up to collect more goodies at homes in their neighborhoods, according to Colin Lambert, director of tourism, culture and recreation for Canada’s Meowbukek First Nation. Different propositions for its citizens, so they get to know and tour the Kone River Nature Reserve.

The Woman in the Tree is one of the main attractions of the Cone River Reserve(Gwen Goodyear/Facebook)

The Lady in the Tree Challenge is a physical activity that invites people to follow a community trail in search of a different tree.”, The woman said in a statement to the media CBC News.

In that way, he mentioned the dreaded tree –as it is known by the locals ‘The Lady in the Tree’At first glance it looks like a woman is trapped in the torso. A body and head shape is born from the roots, in addition, there is long hair, while the “mouth” and “eyes” are covered with leaves.

Some participants took the Khan River challenge with good humor and dressed up for the occasion.
Some participants took the Khan River challenge with good humor and dressed up for the occasion.Facebook/Siobhan Jeddore

It seems that she was actually trapped in the tree by some sort of witch or wizard spell.”, Lambert said of the attraction located in the middle of the forest.

This is what the lady in the hidden tree in the Kone River looks like

The competition consisted of participants going to the Cone River Reserve and searching for the “Lady in the Tree”. then, They should take a picture of him and upload it on the Facebook page. With more than 100 images shared, City officials snatched up a Halloween basket. People from other places joined the challenge and thus the outcome of the event was a complete success to promote tourism.

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Last week’s search for the “lady in the tree” in Canada wasn’t the only surprise. Two people were arrested in Manitoba for giving out marijuana-laced candy on Halloween.

Two adults A 63-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman allegedly delivered THC-laced jelly beans. According to police in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, a dozen children and teenagers asked for sweets – a psychoactive compound of marijuana.

Cannabis Edibles (and Marijuana) Can be legally purchased recreationally from licensed dealers in Canada, but only for adults.

“As a father I am saddened by what happened” Winnipeg Police Officer Danny McKinnon said at a news conference. “As a police officer, unfortunately, I’m not surprised” He further urged parents to check the candy bags their children received.

Winnipeg couple Now faces 13 charges, including distribution of marijuana to minorsIllegal distribution of cannabis, administration of a harmful substance with intent to cause bodily harm and endanger life.