February 4, 2023

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A bride lived through a terrifying moment that left everyone at a wedding speechless

some times, Couples prefer to celebrate their wedding in exotic locations, which can lead to some surprises from nature. Although Newlyweds can keep photos of heavenly places for the rest of their lives, they should expect unexpected surprises during the ceremony. The latter is the case A bride As it walks down the aisle, He saw something unexpected And all the guests screamed in fear.

“When your bridesmaid walks down the aisle, everyone screams”User wrote TikTok @PartnerThe video, which was shared on the social network in November 2022, recently went viral with over 20 million views. Spanish newspaper reported vanguard. A) Yes, The young woman walked down the aisle in an elegant dress A bouquet of colored roses in her hands. Then, smiling, he reached the catwalk that surrounded the guests’ chairs. A look of relief flashed across her face after turning away from her surprise.

A bride’s flat viral entry into a wedding, complete with a snake.

That is, when he goes to the side of the altar, where the couple will give ‘yes i want’On their way A snake crossed and that moment gave him the biggest scare of his life.

A woman named Maddy felt the impact of the video when she saw it posted on the networks. In one post, he jokingly wrote: “Hi. It’s me! The bride and groom’s little sister”. He also revealed something that changed the perspective of what happened: “I understand that this is good luck for me because I was born in the Year of the Snake in the Chinese zodiac.”.

A snake appeared on his path.
A snake appeared on his path.Video recording

Social media users expressed their surprise at the viral moment. “Now you will have a beautiful memory photo for your life. The photographer did a great job.“One pointed out. “I think it appeared Ex-boyfriend reincarnatedAnother joked. A third recounted: “We’ll run screaming until the snake catcher in South Africa gets rid of her so we can get on with the wedding and live to tell how we died that day.”

Stories of unique weddings are the order of the day on the networks. Another one that went viral featured a boyfriend He decided to make an unexpected entrance into her marriage His appearance at the altar left the guests in awe “A Scary Movie”.

The arrival in a coffin was shouldered by six guests. The reasons for his choice are unknown, as is the bride’s reaction. But, The faces of the participants left no room for doubt.

A strange way he entered his marriage

A strange way he entered his marriage

“Don’t tell me you don’t want marriage”; “Everyone was so embarrassed, I would be too, no offense”; “Are you trying to say your life is over now?” Some TikTok users wrote in the post. In a few days it accumulated more than 8 million reproductions.


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