April 1, 2023

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7 killed in attack on synagogue in Israel after Gaza bombing | The escalation began with the killing of 10 Palestinians in the West Bank

Conflict in the Middle East intensified this Friday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Israel bombed the Gaza StripThe attack came a day after 10 Palestinians were killed in the area The Israeli army attacked a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank. In the last hour, the attack increased manifold Shot into a synagogue nearby JerusalemAt least in the territories occupied by the departing Israeli settlers Seven people died And three injured have been hospitalized.

Increase in violence a First trial by fire For the Israeli Prime Minister’s right-wing government, Benjamin Netanyahu, Also complicating the visit of the US Secretary of State. Anthony Blink, will visit Jerusalem and Ramallah in the West Bank in two days. The expansion also coincides with the current visit of the CIA director. Bill BurnsFor both places.

EU Condemned the attack on the synagogue He expressed his solidarity with Israel in an unleashed situation 48 hours of arrival Jerusalem Y Ramallah of the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blink.

How did the attack on the synagogue happen?

They died on Friday night Seven people shot In a terrorist attack Synagogue In the Neve Yaakov neighborhood JerusalemDuring prayer rest day. According to police, the shooter Algam Khairy21 years old, resident of East Jerusalem and no previous crimes.

According to initial reports, the prisoner It was first fired at pedestrians 100 meters from the synagogue He then proceeded towards the temple where he continued shooting. He reached the area by car around 8.15 pm East Jerusalem. Then he ran away Palestinian neighborhood of Pete HaninaA kilometer away, he was stopped.

Police confirmed the man was shot dead after he opened fire on officers as he tried to flee. The Neve Yaakov area is in the eastern part of Jerusalem and was later annexed The Six Day War Prime Minister in 1967 Netanyahu He conducted an assessment with senior security officials before proceeding to the scene of the attack.

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US ‘deeply concerned’

Following the synagogue attack, the State Department noted “Deeply concerned by the cycle of violence in the West Bank“Even if he agrees”Real Security Challenges Facing Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”

It’s absolutely terrifyingState Department spokesperson Vedan Patel said. “We strongly condemn this An apparent terrorist attack. “Our commitment to Israel’s security is well established and we are in direct contact with our Israeli partners,” he added.

On the other hand, the officer said There will be no change to Blinken’s travel plansWho will meet the leaders? Israel, West Bank Y EgyptStarting this Sunday.

West Bank: Beginning of Expansion

The attack took place today after Thursday. West Bank He lived through one of the most violent days of the occupation years when Israeli troops entered Yenin —Castle Palestinian fighters– And they killed Ten Palestinians20 people were injured, 4 of them critically. According to the United Nations, so many people have not been killed in a single Israeli operation in the West Bank since record-keeping began in 2005.

According to the Israeli military, the invasion “Anti-Terrorism” was necessary Stop the alleged attack Instant through Islamic Jihad.

The Palestinian National Authority (ANP), partially governing the occupied West Bank, called the experiment “Massacre” Ended security coordination with Israel. However, CIA chief Burms, whose agency is associated with PNA security, is likely to push for a resumption of coordination with Israel.

Surgery in Jenin “An extension of Israel’s deliberate conduct commits international crimes to advance its annexationist policies and practices,” the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

After the funerals of the victims, among them Jihad members, there were several clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces in different parts of the West Bank. A dead Y At least seven people were injured.

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According to the AFP agency, before retreating, Israeli forces “They deliberately threw teargas shells” at Jenin hospital’s children’s ward.It “caused some children to suffocate”, condemned the Palestinian health minister. From Al Qaila. This was stated by the Israeli military spokesman “No one deliberately threw tear gas into a hospital, but the operation was not far from the hospital, and tear gas could have entered through an open window.”

The Jenin Camp, Built in 1953, it is like a city within a city and is almost home 20,000 refugeesAccording to UNRWA, Palestinian refugees are the responsibility of the UN.

The Israeli armyIt has occupied the West Bank since 1967. It carries out almost daily operations in the Palestinian territories, particularly in Jenin and Nablus divisions, strongholds of armed Palestinian groups. “The Israeli army destroys everything and shoots everything that moves,” said Jenin’s deputy governor. Kamal Abu al-Rab. “What is happening in Jenin and its countryside is a massacre perpetrated by the Israeli occupation government,” he said. Nabil Abu RudainaPalestinian Authority Presidential Spokesman Mahmoud Abbas.

Secretary General of the Arab League condemned A “Bloody Massacre” performed”Under Netanyahu’s direct orders“.

Rockets from the Gaza Strip

At the same time, armed movements in the other Palestinian territory — the Gaza Strip Hamas —Rules in the Gaza Strip– and Islamic Jihad Participated in rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, he said Jalade El Batsh, A person in charge of the latter, according to the AFP agency.

Hamas The bombs carried the following message: “The enemy must be careful, because spilled Palestinian blood is very expensive.” Meanwhile, thousands of people demonstrated in Gaza this Thursday with banners that read:Genin, the answer comes, resistance is our strategy.”

Hamas’s military wing, theAl Qassam Brigadesconfirmed that their fighters They fired anti-aircraft guns and surface-to-air missiles Against Israeli bombers. Also Jihad’s spokesperson, Tariq ZalmiI assume that “Protest is a legitimate right”.

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Kazans told the agency EFE He who heard the roar in the wind Drones Y Israeli army fighters, and several explosions in the center of the strip. For them, than 14 shells were shot dead. Official Palestinian News Agency, He is deadHe assured that he had caused the blasts Serious property damage Near and caused a General power outage.

EFE also pointed out that the Israeli strike hit a target An underground rocket production center in Makasi, with the Gaza Strip in the center. “This attack will significantly hamper Hamas’ efforts to build up and arm itself,” the source added.

UN Security Council meeting

In this situation, the UN Meet at A Emergency session and behind closed doors upon request United Arab States, China Y France. while, Egypt, Qatar Y United Nations – Mediators between Israel and Palestinian armed groups – were invited Avoid further escalation.

“The Secretary-General of the United Nations must immediately accept his responsibility and duty and take a decision on international presence and security,” the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said.

last year, 170 Palestinians — militants and unarmed civilians — died in the West Bank in separate incidents with Israel: It A very violent year In the first part of 2006. So far in 2023, there already are 30 people died in the West Bank. An average More than one per day.

Nitzen HorowitzThe former health minister and a key left-wing leader of the previous Israeli government criticized the president Netanyahu Expect confusion The new government is in conflict with the Palestinians over a nomination Far-right immigrant leader As Deputy Defense Minister: “If chaos in the West Bank ViolenceAnarchy means and means more bloody“.