June 3, 2023

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45 arrested in international operation for sexual abuse against children, three CABA | Las de infantia, surgery against childhood sexual abuse

Total 45 persons During this, they were arrested on Tuesday 125 concurrent trials for sexual abuse against children and adolescents in nine countriesThree of the 12 people were arrested in Buenos Aires, within the framework of the “Lus de Infantia X” operation, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) said.

function in CABA 15,000 digital files were seized in the raids involved, and other raids were conducted Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, America, Brazil Y ParaguayAll of them were carried out simultaneously.

As of this afternoon, three detainees in Argentina were joined by another 40 in Brazil and two in Panama.

In this case, the case arose out of collective and transnational work US Department of Homeland Security and Brazil’s National Secretariat for Public SecurityThey captured information from users who downloaded and shared sexual exploitation material against women, children, and adolescents in Buenos Aires using P2P software (person-to-person).

Within this framework, Daniela Dupuy, head of the financial unit specialized in computer crimes and violations, “to deepen the information and identify the targets, handed over investigative tasks to the cybercrime unit of the Judicial Investigation Force (CIJ) of the MPF. CABA”, it was informed by a statement.

Thus, it was possible to identify addresses in Villa Devodo, Villa Urquiza, Parque Sass, Caballito, Matateros, Almagro, Parque Patricios, Flores, La Boca, Parque Chacabuco, Balvanera and Palermo.Simultaneous raidsIt was issued by Judge Pablo Casas, President of PCyF Court 10.

During the procedures carried out in Buenos Aires, three suspects were arrested and transferred to the prosecutor’s office.

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In statements to Telum, prosecutor Dupuy said, referring to the three detainees, that “the situation may change” because they are still “analyzing the devices seized at the test locations.”

The first person was arrested “after a quick search for devices that yielded a positive result,” the prosecutor said at the time The second was arrested “because he was with a three-year-old girl”.

“We understand that when there are children living with criminals, the child needs to be separated from that person. It needs to be protected,” he explained “We were able to find that this person shared thousands of videos.”

Of the latest arrestee, Dupuy said, “He shared pictures during the raid, which is blatant.”

“The evidence is inside the phones and computers,” he said, stressing that “providing the material is a stepping stone to child abuse.”

In our country, 45 people were sentenced after being arrested in the proceedings.The light of childhood“, among them, The doctor at the hospital was Carrahan Ricardo Russo.

CIJ analyzed data on-site to identify cases of sexual abuse of girls, boys and adolescents, and counted 15,000 files.

500 electronic and storage devices were also seized.

Dupuy noted that those who were arrested “99 percent are middle-aged men; Doctors, coaches, teachers or drivers who are close to the children and familiar with technology should also do their jobs.

During the raids, “cell phones, computers and hard drives” were confiscated, Dupuy said, “focusing on the devices and the suspects, not their families.”

Once the storage device is seized, “a forensic copy is made and the defense intervenes to see different analyzes of the devices” and, in this way, “they control the prosecutor’s activity,” he said.

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“Almost 3,000 images were distributed. “When the deposits are explored, more can be found,” he highlighted.

Personnel from the City Police, the Argentine Federal Police, the Gendarmerie and the Argentine Naval Prefecture also participated in these operations.

This Wednesday, the prisoners will present the 10th investigation report to the Special Financial Unit for Computer Crimes and Violations (UFEDyCI) responsible for Dubui.